Woodbridge School Play – ‘Girls Like That’

Five of our members went to see Woodbridge School’s AS Drama exam work production of ‘Girls Like That’ (by author and playwright Evan Placey), an urgent and explosive play that explores gender equality and the pressures on today’s digital generation. The scenario: a naked photo of a girl goes viral; rumours spread across smartphones like wildfire and her reputation becomes toxic threatening to shatter the fragile unity of girls she has grown up with. Interestingly the girls were damning of the naked girl in the photo but had no problems with one of the boys in their class.

This was a very interesting production from both a subject and creativity perspective.  Child Sexual Exploitation is one of our major concerns and we hope to do more in this area to make children aware of the issues.  Interestingly the law is changing and exchange of sexual photos amongst friends will no longer be a criminal act – too many young people have found themselves with a criminal record for sending such photos.  However, if those photos are then passed on to others without consent, this is still a criminal act.