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Programme Action 4 – Has your Fridge Got the Message

I would like to highlight the relaunch of our campaign, “Has your Fridge got

the Message”. This is an excellent project where we encourage vulnerable people to store important

medical and personal information in a sealed container in the fridge, a sticker is placed just inside the front

door and on the outside of the fridge alerting people such as paramedics, on call doctors, neighbours, etc.

of the existence of such vital details. The relaunch event on the 25th September received excellent publicity

from the local media, and we continue to promote this at various venues such as local parish halls, Women’s

Insititute meetings, doctors surgeries, the hospital, various care organisations, etc. It is being very well

received and does much to support the ethos of Soroptimism whilst gaining excellent publicity. Lots of us

have been very involved in many ways, but the biggest vote of thanks should go to President Margaret who

continues to drive this campaign forward and we will continue to support it vigorously in 2016.

Christine Spink

Programme Action Officer