September Dinner Meeting

We were delighted to listen to Stella Bailey, vicar of St Nicholas church Kenilworth, talking about what it’s been like being a women in what has been a very male environment since becoming ordained in the Church of England.   Not only did she explain some of the politics and prejudices that have gone on in the wider sense from her simply being a woman, but also some of the practical difficulties she has faced.   For instance, that cassocks are designed for men so have to be obtained from one specialist supplier!

However as one of our members pointed out, Stella is the second most significant woman in the history of St Nicholas as she is the first female vicar in the long history of this church.   The most female associated with the church is Queen Elizabeth I, who gave a chalice which is still used weekly for Communion.

We were also very happy to see our very own significant Club member Yvonne at the dinner meeting.   She received her certificate of long service  –  a fabulous 45 years – from President Sandra.

President Sandra with Yvonne