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A little help for Hoima, Uganda






We have been doing this project for more than 4 years and it is still successful.  We make birthing sheets for the delivery of babies in the midwifery unit and knit vests & hats for the newborns.  There is an orphanage next door and we make dresses for the girls and shorts for the boys.  The birthing sheets, dresses and shorts are made by recycling pillowcases and sheets, thereby helping the planet by reducing waste.

This time we are sending:

Hat & Vest sets 108
Hats 30
Vests 37
Birthing sheets 31
Dresses 41
Shorts 40

Boys’ shorts:                                                                                                  Girls’ dresses:

Despite lockdown and Covid-19, we are occupying ourselves and others in our community by continuing to do work for this project whilst helping the midwifery unit and orphanage in Hoima