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Diary of the month – June 2021

Phrase of the Month- Soroptimists are team players who inspire others.

3rd– Again over zoom- this meeting started off with the induction of our newest member Pauline Carrier.  Pauline Lives in Bewdley, right by the river, and will be a great asset with her life-long administration skills. Welcome Pauline.

5th– World Environment Day- A subject close to our hearts.  Our member, Liz Evans, made a leaflet for us all containing hints and processes that we can and do to help the environment in our local area.  Great Work Liz, useful and informative.  Many Thanks.

9th– Three members attended a zoom training session given by Soroptimist International.  It was most useful giving us all a great insight on using zoom.  Zoom has been a real boost for clubs enabling us all to keep in touch during the lockdown.  Computer skills are having to change so quickly these days and 35 Soroptimists attended. The tutor was most helpful in answering all the questions we asked, teaching us how to get the best out of using zoom. We are all interested in combining zoom with our face-to-face meetings in the future.  Everyone felt this would improve content and member participation, particularly in the winter months when the weather is bad or distance is an issue. Watch This Space.

15th  – We received the very sad news that our National President Johanna had passed away today following a stroke.  Our heartfelt sympathies go to her family and friends. She will be missed.

17th– Our monthly speaker meeting- A busy night tonight.  We were thrilled to welcome and induct another new member- Lucy Edgar.  Lucy has had connections with the Nightstop Charity and was introduced to us by our member Judith Ford.  Lucy will bring a new perspective to our club and will, I’m sure, enjoy the friendship and support we all give to each other.  Welcome Lucy- wonderful to have you with us.

Our speaker this evening was Belinda Darby who came to talk to us about Homestart- a local charity we have supported for some time.  Her interesting talk gave us a real insight into the hard work carried out during lockdown by their loyal volunteers.  They support families not only physically but mentally too. They now have a swap shop- a storage place which our club helps to provide with clothes/shoes for the families. We have passed on donations of around 750 items in the last few months which she told us that approximately 79 families had benefited from.  A great result and we will continue this process with a wonderful group of local moms  who like to re-cycle their children’s clothes and shoes and pass quality garments onto Homestart. Thank you to Belinda for taking the time to speak to us.

21st– Book Club—We were all tasked with reading Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell.  A moving account of William Shakespeare’s son who died of the Plague. The author described in great detail the life of a household at that time, poignant and intimate.  Remedies and potions used as medicines were described and also quite a graphic story of how a flea can travel and transmit disease so easily around the world.  Linking it to COVID 19 really made me realise why the world is in the midst of an epidemic just as it was in Shakespeare’s time. A worthy read.

27th– Centenary Event- A President’s Point Of View.

This Event has been mulling about in my brain for almost two years!  The light bulb moment came at the Rose Theatre in Kidderminster, where I volunteer. Ideas were asked for to celebrate SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL 100 YEARS ANNIVERSARY. So, an idea to host a concert at the theatre with 180 Soroptimists in the audience sounded worth pursuing.  All our club members were in favour so I started to put formats and ideas in a folder.


That idea of a live event was cancelled- the theatre closed.  It opened only this month for the first performance in nearly 18 months. So, we came up with “let’s do zoom”- now we have become familiar with it. Five other clubs in the region decided to join us in the endeavour and needed to make a video of life in a certain decade chosen to contribute.  The format was to show how women’s lives have changed since 1921 to the present day.

Kidderminster Club Centenary team started to organise our decades and found several locals willing to take part- singing – dancing etc. Videos were done – presentations organised and gradually things started to take shape, technical blips appeared, and relatives and friends were asked to help and advise.  We have certainly learnt loads of new computer skills doing this.  So, this month particularly, the team has met up or contacted each other virtually daily to get this project fit to show.  Clubs gave us their videos and you could see what fun they have had being together- like us- coming out of their comfort zones.

SO FINALLY- on June 27th @ 2pm with around 50 people in attendance including Heidelberg club in Germany we started the first video. That show lasted 2 hours and to see it all come together was amazing.  A real success from team Kidderminster and for our region. We did ourselves proud!  And I can at last turn my brain off for a little while.

Here in Kidderminster and District we are a brilliant team and we all support and help each other- A winning combination as the Centenary Celebration proved.

Donations were asked for Women’s Aid as no charge was made and we have reached our target of £500 already. BRILLIANT.


29th– Water Walk – Springfield Park

It kept dry for us on this Monday afternoon while we had a pleasant walk around Springfield Park leading to the canal nearby. Though muddy near the canal the paths in the park were safe and well maintained.