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Diary of the Month July 2021

Diary of the month JULY 2021.

Phrase of the month– We are part of an International Organisation with a Global Reach and Impact.

1st— Lighter on numbers this month than usual, with COVID rules being eased, some members have been meeting up with family and friends or a holiday trip. Who can blame them! Feedback from the Centenary Event was discussed and £500 raised confirmed. Which as of today 5-8-2021 it has risen to a staggering £800!! AMAZING. Thank you everyone who donated. Our summer outing has been arranged for later this month- this replaces our usual supper meeting.

3rd—UKPAC Meeting on Zoom. (Stands for UK Programme Action Committee). Programme Action is what pushes us on as an organisation. It’s at the heart of everything we do. It covers many issues and subjects that affect women and girls everywhere.  Abuse -domestic and sexual, pensions, divorce, slavery, poverty, hunger, safety on our streets. The list is endless unfortunately!  But by working together, we make a difference. We look to The United Nations values too, which enables our organisation to have a voice there. In this meeting we heard from the UK Parliamentary Outreach Team- Rachael Dodgson and Gillian Bell who represent the North East and North West regions. They gave us a great insight into how Parliament works.

We also asked questions of Baroness Lorely Burt of Solihull Liberal Democrat Life Peer, Member of the House of Lords Bill Committee for the Domestic Abuse Bill, Assistant Governor in H.M. Prison Service. She talked about her life in Parliament- being a woman.

Another really interesting and informative speaker was Nicole Jacobs- The Domestic Abuse Commissioner. She was so knowledgeable about the subject, but again it was clear so much more needs to be done.

179 Soroptimists attended the zoom meeting- it was lovely to be put in small groups and discuss different issues concerning women, enabling us all to put our grievances out there but sharing opinions too.

A worthwhile meeting, I thought- learned a lot.

17th – This summer’s day, as you see above, we organised an Afternoon Tea which would be delivered to people’s door to enjoy in their gardens.  Groups were encouraged so we could meet up outside at last.

This is a copy of the leaflet inserted into the food boxes:

                                                    SI Kidderminster Celebratory Afternoon Tea

Thank you for taking part in our Celebratory tea. We are celebrating 100 years of Soroptimism on this our Day of Activity which this year is focussing on the Environment.

Profits from today’s tea will be going to Tarango, a non governmental organisation which is based in Bangladesh. Tarango works to improve the lives of women in the area, by organizing and training the most disadvantaged women through its committed, dedicated and skilled workers. Our fundraising will go towards work to help women and their families living in one of the regions worst affected by climate change and latterly Covid 19. If you want to find out more about Tarango and the products they make please go to . Local business woman, Beth Williams imports their products and you can find out more here

Your tea today has been made and presented with consideration of its impact on the environment using, home grown blackcurrants for the jam, reused cartons for the strawberries and where possible recycled paper. We thank Hopley’s farm shop, Bewdley for their donation of strawberries. If possible, we’d be grateful if you would return the jam jars for future use. If you can’t get them back to us, please make sure you reuse them yourselves.


64 boxes were constructed, packed with goodies – all freshly made and donated.  A small group of members got together on the morning and put all the contents together, sampling, I have to say, the quality of the products with cups of tea along the way (need to check the cakes were fresh and gorgeous, of course!).  When all the boxes were ready, they were delivered and the feedback from everyone was excellent.  With generous donations from several people, we are so proud to announce a profit of £900 for the charity TARANGO.  Brilliant work everyone!  Team Work makes the Dream Work, ladies!

26th – For our Summer Outing this troubled year, we decided to stay close to home.  Bewdley Museum had staged an exhibition on the Macdonald sisters (one was Stanley Baldwin’s mother).  They were well educated for the time and allowed to pursue their many artistic talents.  Club members met outside in the Museum café, seeing each other in the flesh for the first time in a considerable while.  We had thought of combining a walk with the exhibition tour, but we had too much to catch up on with each other after all this time, so a well-earned natter won the day.

640 items have been collected and donated to the local charity Homestart this month.  Items were donated by members’ families and friends once more, so a big thank you to all who donated the items.