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Programme for 2020 – 2021


We have an exciting programme coming up!  The current situation regarding COVID19 prevents us from publishing details at this point, so please keep an eye on this page, which will be updated with our plans as soon as possible.

Our programme of Speaker Meetings has kicked off and will continue on Zoom until further notice – the focus is on Members’ mental health and well-being.  Read on for more details…

Adrienne Greene, a Trainer & Practitioner at The Balance Procedure (TBP)  held a very interesting and thought-provoking session, touching on just how powerful our thoughts and feelings can be, demonstrating belief patterns and how they affect us, the Top 10 things people love and how they should put themselves first on that list.  We heard about the importance of self-love; that is is not at all selfish, as many of us may have been brought up to believe. The talk touched on the key aspect, that our thoughts and feelings can and will affect and create our reality, from getting a car parking space on a busy day to our emotions and health.



Our first speaker of 2020-21 was Jane Rose-Land,  As a Nutritionist with a degree in Nutritional Medicine Jane helps people to better health by supporting them to make changes to their diet and lifestyle.  Jane has a private clinic locally where she sees a wealth of different health conditions,  specialising in nutritional support for digestive and bowel health issues (especially IBS) and food intolerances, diabetes and pre-diabetes, supportive diets for people with cancer and programmes for weight loss and weight gain.

Jane can be contacted via email or phone to talk through how she can help – no obligation.  Email, or phone: 01366 347452 Mob. 07740287458. Website for further information:


We have taken part in an armchair yoga session with Oli Bell, a local personal trainer and yoga teacher

Oli spoke to members about the benefit of yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle before we had an opportunity to have a go ourselves.