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Fashion Revolution

How to be a Fashion Revolutionary

Are you a fashion lover? Do you want the clothes we wear to be made in safe, happy, clean and beautiful way? If so, support Whomademyclothes? campaign and help make the fashion industry  a force for good and change the way fashion is sourced, produced and purchased. Be a fashion revolutionary by using your voice to encourage fashion brands to be more accountable for their fashion supply chains.Lobby the policy makers to ensure the global supply chain is transparent and responsible in the fashion and textile industry in practice and not just in principle.

On 5th July, 2020 The Sunday Times reported that allegations had been  made against  a garment manufacturing company in Leicester and a supplier to a major fashion brand.  The report stated that the company was  paying their workers  below the minimum wage and flouting social distancing rules by telling staff to come to work during the COVID-19 lockdown despite being sick and without any safety measures to protect the workers in place.

The treatment of workers in the fashion industry supply chain, both in the UK and overseas, reinforces the  need for us to pressurise clothing brands to find out whomademyclothes?.

Ask yourself Whomademyclothes? Ask the brands, the retailers you shop from, the NGO’s and trade unions. Ask the government and policy makers and finally, ask the workers themselves. For more information click Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Campaign