Skirting Science Project Guide






We are grateful for the help and assistance provided by SI Weston-Super-Mare and SI Solihull in the preparation and drafting of the format of a Skirting Science day and the drafting of the original paperwork.


AimTo raise awareness of career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)


How to achieve it

Provide a day of interactive workshops for local school girls, in years 9 to 11, to enable them to experience STEM opportunities



  1. To increase the number of girls taking science GCSEs/A levels in participating schools
  2. To increase teachers’ awareness of the breadth of opportunities in STEM
  3. To provide an enjoyable learning experience for all participants


How to measure achievement

  1. Collect data from participating schools over a period of years if possible
  2. Review completed evaluation forms from students, teachers and Workshop Presenters




Tasks/Timeline  Date
  1. Identify partners interested in being part of the group in organising and participating in the day


May business meeting
  1. Identify Soroptimists within SI club interested in organising and participating in the day


1st week Feb
  1. Group decides/confirms
  • Date
  • Venue
  • Partners such as STEMNET and educational organisations
  • Local schools
  • Possible Workshops


1st week March
  1. Decide on roles to act as
  • Facilitators of the event
  • Hosts for the day
  • Hospitality organiser
  • Press and public relations
  • Receptionists










1st week March
  1. Tasks within roles


A Facilitators
General organisation
  • Facilitate the ongoing organisation of the day
  • Responsible for overseeing activities on the day
  • Ensure Safeguarding policy is in place and know to all involved in organisation of the day
  • Arrange DBS training for hosts if applicable
  • Hold briefing session with notes for hosts for the day (Appendix 1)
  • Compile a contact list for hosts in case of emergency
  • Compile a register of all attendees on day for receptionists
  • Record a register of students showing school, parental permission given, permission for photos if necessary, health issues and group allocation for workshop (Appendix 2)
  • Allocate hosts to specific group for the day
  • Hold a Health and Safety briefing for hosts on the day
  • Create a timetable for the day (Appendix 3)
  • Inform other SI clubs of event
  • Pay expenses to appropriate people
  • Allocate teachers to groups
  • Prepare students’ folders prior to day (List on Appendix 8)
Week 3 Sept
  • Order folders and lanyards
Week 1 Sept
  • Type and print labels for lanyards and folders
Week 3 Sept
  • Take folders and badges to schools during week before event
Week 1 Oct
School liaison from Entrust and SI club
  • Contact the schools
  • Send letters to the Head of School and Head of Science (Appendix 4)
  • Send letters to parents (Appendix 5)
  • Send invitation to the students (Appendix 6)
  • Chase schools for outstanding responses
Week 2 Sept
  • Send completed event risk assessment to teachers before the day
Week 3 Sept
Organisation for Workshop Presenters
  • Identify who contacts which organisation and make contact
  • Communicate with organisations until there are sufficient Workshop Presenters
Week 1 March
  • Provide final list of Workshop Presenters
  • Send workshop requirement form to Workshop Presenter (Appendix 7)
  • Chase Workshop Presenters’ responses/risk assessments
Week 1 Sept
  • Liaise with venue provider to ensure all requirements can be and are met on the day
Week 2 Sept
  • Ask for expenses requests from Workshop Presenters
  • Prepare ‘Thank you’ letters to Workshop Presenters
Week 1 Oct
Hosts for the day
  • Attend DBS training if applicable
  • Attend on day for:

Health and Safety briefing

Familiarisation of venue

Hosting allocated group

Ensuring evaluation forms completed on day (Apps 9, 10 and 11)

Helping to tidy up venue at end of day

  • Host Workshop Presenters on the day
Hospitality organiser (preferably person from venue provider) To organise the provision of
  • Drinks on arrival
  • Lunch for Workshop Presenters and hosts
  • Housekeeping of rooms e.g. water in workshops rooms, arrangement of rooms
  • Parking
Press and public relations
  • Contact local press
Week 1 Sept
  • Prepare press pack
Week 1 Oct
  • Host press on day
  • Contact Soroptimist media
Week 1 Sept
  • Check in all attendees on day
  • Inform facilitator/s of absentees or replacements







  1. Notes for Soroptimists


  1. Registration form


  1. Timetable


  1. Letter to Head


  1. Letter to parents


  1. Student invitation


  1. Workshop brief


  1. Resources for folders


  1. Student questionnaire


  1. Teacher questionnaire


  1. Workshop Presenter questionnaire



Notes for Soroptimists



  1. Please wear your Soroptimist Name Badge & STEM Ambassador badge (where applicable) so that everyone knows that you are a member of SI Lichfield & District.
  2. There is parking on the Staffordshire University Lichfield Campus, but there are parking charges. (Please make sure that you park within marked bays as penalty notices are issued if you are not)
  3. Sign in at the main entrance to the school and collect your Skirting Science badge.
  4. You will be familiarised with the location of rooms, refreshments and fire exits. A map of the building is attached.
  5. IT support can be found across the corridor from the Lecture Theatre.
  6. You will have been allocated a group of girls; please stay with this group throughout the day and accompany the group (and teacher/s/other guests) to the appropriate Workshop.
  7. Keep time so there is at least 5 minutes for questions at the end of the 1st & 2nd Notify Workshop Presenter in advance that they need to allow 10 minutes at the end of the 3rd workshop for the completion of feedback forms.
  8. Notify either Chris Corless (07951 960259) or Maureen Little (07736 401008) if any student is missing.
  9. Collect lanyards and ALL evaluation forms at the end of the final workshops.

Meeting Workshop Presenters

  1. All Workshop Presenters must be taken to sign in at the Help Desk. They will be able to take a bottle of water each and be given a BLUE badge.
  2. Take Workshop Presenters to the allocated rooms.
  3. Make sure they have everything they need.
  4. There will be tea and coffee available upon arrival and during the students’ lunch break in Room C013 (opposite the Lecture Theatre). A lunch will be provided after the last workshop at 2.30 pm which will also be in room C013

Meeting Teachers and Student Groups

  1. Give teachers their GOLD name badge.
  2. Ask teachers to complete an updated register, to tick those in attendance and those expected but not in attendance.
  3. Direct teachers and students to the lecture theatre for the welcome session.

Visitors and VIPs

  1. Welcome visitors
  2. Ask them to sign in and give them each a PURPLE name badge.
  3. Give them a visitor’s pack.
  4. Notify either Chris Corless (07951 960259) or Maureen Little (07736 401008) of their arrival



Members of the press

  1. Welcome members of the press.
  2. We may be joined by some of the media students from the college in some years but not in 2015.
  3. Ask them to sign in and give them each a PURPLE name badge.
  4. Give them a Press pack.
  5. Notify either Chris Corless (07951 960259) or Maureen Little (07736 401008) of their arrival.

Health & Safety

  1. On arrival at the site, you will be familiarised with the layout of the building, the location of the workshops and fire exits.
  2. Immediately notify Chris Corless (07951 960259) or Maureen Little (07736 401008) of any incidents or difficulties.
  3. Location of First Aiders can be found at the Campus Reception.

In the workshops

  1. Start the workshop by notifying participants where the nearest fire exit is and then introducing the Workshop Presenter/s.
  2. Take the register to check the right girls are in attendance, any anomalies report immediately to the help desk staff after you have made the introductions.
  3. Please encourage Workshop Presenters to share their passion for their career and explain their career journey to the girls.
  4. Give the Workshop Presenters (WPs) a 5 minute warning before the end of the session.
  5. Make sure that the WPs know where to go for buffet lunch at the end of Session 2.
  6. If there are any difficulties with the girls, tell their teacher(s) – they will deal with any behaviour issues.
  7. At the end of the final session, make sure the students, teachers and Workshop Presenters fill in the evaluation forms and leave them behind.
  8. Give brief thanks to the WPs each time and in Session 3 give them their thank you cards.
  9. Help the WPs pack up if needed.


Enjoy the day and thank you for your support





School: ……………………………………………………………………


Accompanying teacher(s): …….………………………………………….…………………..


No Full name of student Photograph permission obtained(✔ Tick if yes) Medical condition if any





Time Activity Notes Who 
8.30 Hosts to go with Steve Howe to see rooms and get Health and Safety briefing.Receive their pack 
8.30 Check rooms LayoutTables

Signs on doors

Equipment needed by WPs

8.30 Set up reception and Lecture TheatreTable and Banner Need Banner
09.30 -10.00 Receive VisitorsWorkshop PresentersTeachers



Send to Lecture Theatre

Give badges to Workshop Presenters. In Lecture Theatre, direct to seats.Deal with queries
Workshop Presenters Take Workshop Presenters to their rooms; ensure they have everything they need.
10.00 – 10.15 Introductory Session Welcome andbackground to event Outline aims of the day, why this is important,STEM opportunities Ellie
Workshop Presenters Each Workshop Presenter to introduce themselves and the work they do. 



Workshop Presenters
Time Activity Notes
10.20 –11.20 



1st WorkshopHosts to take groups to respective rooms.Thank Workshop Presenter at end of session
11.25 –12.25 2nd WorkshopHosts to take groups to respective roomsThank Workshop Presenter at end of session
12.30 –13.00  Announce lunch break.Take Students and Teachers to lunch rooms and Workshop Presenters to buffet lunch inRoom C013 Lecture Theatre, Quadrangle. 

Room C 013

13.00 – 14.00 3rd WorkshopThank everyone for their participation and say that we hope everyone has enjoyed participating in the event.Hosts ensure that teacher, student and Workshop Presenters’ evaluation forms are completed and collected with lanyards. Return to Lecture Theatre for closing address. Hosts to hold pack of feedback forms.
14.00 – 14.10 Hand out certificates to the students?
14.15 – 14.30 Closing Address in Lecture Theatre. Lecture Theatre Ellie






Tel: 07951 960259


26 June 2015

Dear (Name of Head of Science)

Skirting Science and Technology Day


Thank you for registering 15 of your female students from years 9-11 to attend the Skirting Science Day on Wednesday 14th October 2015.


It will take place at the Staffordshire University Lichfield Campus and will commence at 9.45am and end at 2.30pm.


As you know, the aim of the event is to encourage the girls to consider scientific and engineering careers through a number of hands-on workshops. We hope that the workshops will inspire and encourage them to think about careers involving science that they may not have considered before. The feedback we have had from the evaluation questionnaires in the past has been very encouraging and we will again be working in partnership with Entrust, South Staffs College and Staffordshire University.


A copy of Entrust’s Safeguarding Policy can be provided upon request.


It would be of great help in planning the workshops and event, if you could complete and return the enclosed Student Registration form by Friday 10th July 2015. Due to the popularity of this event, we have a waiting list of students from other schools who wish to attend and therefore if, for any reason, you do not wish to take up your full allocation of places, please let us know by this date at the latest.


I have also enclosed a letter to be sent to the parents of the girls attending (including the permission slip to be returned to us) and a flyer for the girls with brief details of the day.


During the first week of October, we will deliver to your school the folders for the girls containing further information of the day. Please could you ensure that each girl brings her folder with her on 14th October.


If you have any queries, please contact me at the email address above for more details.


Yours sincerely




Christine Corless                                         

Soroptimist International Lichfield and District



Skirting Science and Technology

Wednesday 14th October 2015



Dear Parent


Our school is delighted to participate in Skirting Science and Technology, an event being organised jointly by Staffordshire University, Lichfield Soroptomists, South Staffordshire College and Entrust STEM Centre and to be held at Staffordshire University Lichfield Campus.


The event works towards encouraging girls to choose to study STEM subjects, inspire them to aim high in their career outlook and open their eyes to exciting work opportunities. Participants will be given the opportunity to attend interactive workshops and meet enthusiastic people and company representatives already engaged in STEM careers.


There will be Press invited to the event, so we need to know if you would grant permission for your daughter to have her photograph taken, although no names will be disclosed to any photographer on the day.


Your daughter would be expected to bring a drink and packed lunch. School uniform is to be worn.


Numbers are limited, and if you wish your daughter to attend, please complete the slip below and return it to school before 10th July 2015






I agree to …………………………………………attending the Skirting Science and Technology Event.


I give permission / I do not give permission for her to be photographed.


Please delete as appropriate:


My daughter has no medical conditions which would affect her on the day /

My daughter has the following medical conditions which might affect her on the day






Signed …………………………………………             Date ……………………




Invitation to

Skirting Science and Technology


Wednesday 14th October 2015


WHERE Staffordshire University Lichfield Campus 
START TIME 09.45 hours 
FINISH TIME 14.30 hours 
Who is the event for?  Year 9/10/11 girls
Why should you come?
  • To make sure you do not miss out on interesting and often well paid careers by undervaluing the opportunities that are available to women and girls who study and do well in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) subjects


  • Not enough women and girls are going into STEM careers – the UK falls way behind other European countries in the numbers of females who go into STEM-based careers; this can mean that there are often more opportunities for women and girls who choose to focus and do well in one or more of the STEM subjects.


What will I get out of the day?
  • The opportunity to attend 3 interesting workshops.
  • Meet people and organisations who are already engaged in STEM work
  • Be able to ask questions and learn about the work they do, how they got there, how much they earn and what career opportunities there are.


How do I book a place?
  • Places are limited so return your parental permission slip as soon as possible by 10th July 2015.










On arrival at the event


Arrive at least half an hour before event start to be briefed as to what room you will be allocated.


Your contact is:-

Chris Corless

Tel No 01827 383172

Mob No 07951 960259



On arrival at the event you will be allocated a Lichfield Soroptimist to show you to the room you have been allocated. They will help you set the room up if you require and fetch other items you need.


The event will start at 10.00am where all organisations and students will be together and introductions will be made and general housekeeping points will be covered. The event will end at 14.30.


You will be delivering 3 workshops throughout the day to groups of no more than 15.


There will be 5 mins between each workshop and a cold lunch will be provided at 12.30. Coffee/tea/water will however be available throughout the day.


General requirements for Workshop

  • Workshop must be interactive with hands-on activities for students to take part.
  • Keep explanations concise.
  • Keep the content interesting.
  • Workshop to last no longer than 60mins


Introduction (To be no more than 5-10mins)

–     Set the scene and give a brief background of what your organisation does.

  • Explain what the workshop aims and objectives are and how they link into the STEM subjects.
  • What students will get from the workshop.


Workshop length (To be no more than 45mins)

  • It must be interactive.
  • It must be hands on.
  • There will be at least one STEM Ambassador/Lichfield Soroptimist allocated to each group of students.


Conclusion (To be no more than 10mins)


  • How the workshop links into future careers. Endorse how important it is to consider STEM subjects. They are not just subjects for boys.
  • Give advice to students on how potentially they can use design and technology to get into careers within your organisation or wider (where to look, apprenticeships, handouts etc).
  • Ask students for feedback.


Would you please fill in and return the attached sheet to:-


Chris Corless by Wednesday 2nd September 2015.




Name of Workshop Presenter(s) 
Organisation I am representing  …………………………………………
Contact Address


Contact Telephone Numbers  Landline:- ……………………………… 

Mobile:-     ……………………………..


Email address 
Workshop description – brief paragraph to describe your workshop 
Room requirements
In addition to the equipment that you are bringing for the day, please note any other items you require.
Risk assessment -please send a risk assessment document for your workshop to Rachel Comber at by Friday September 4th 2015.
Pre Visit – Do you require a pre-visit to the Campus to discuss the room allocation and requirements?
Access – Do you require any particular access arrangements to be made?
Careers display – please feel free to provide workshop participants with careers information. Let us know if you would also like to display careers information about your company for all participants to access.
Photography – can we take photographs of the Presenter(s)?
Catering – please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements?





Folders and badges – one for each student, teacher, host and visitor

Lanyards – different colours for each group

Timetable for the day

Layout of building

Letter from SI Club President

Note of Skirting Science date next year (Teachers’ folders)

List of websites/any other info

SI flyer


  Skirting Science Student Questionnaire

We hope Skirting Science has been enjoyable and informative. We would appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and feeling about Skirting Science. Your views are important to us and will be used to improve future events. The organisers would like to wish you every future success.

1 How has taking part in Skirting Science changed your attitude towards science and science careers?
2 Why has it had this effect?



3 What did you learn about science and science careers as a result of taking part in Skirting Science?



4 How do you think this will be useful to you in the future?


5 Rank the workshops you attended in order of preference.
6 Why was your “number 1 workshop” the best?  



7 What could other workshops learn from this one?


8 What could the organisers reasonably do to make Skirting Science even better?

Please continue your answers to the questions on the back of this form if you need more space.


  Skirting Science Teacher Questionnaire

We hope Skirting Science has been enjoyable and informative. We would appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and feeling about Skirting Science. Your views are important to us and will be used to improve future events. The organisers would like to thank you for making the necessary arrangements for bringing your students to the event.


1 How do you think taking part in Skirting Science changed your students attitude towards science and science careers?
2 Why has it had this effect?


3 What do you think your students have learnt about science and science careers as a result of taking part in Skirting Science?


4 How do you think this will be useful?



5 Rank the workshops you attended in order of preference.
6 Why was your “number 1 workshop” the best?  


7 What could other workshops learn from this one?


8 What could the organisers reasonably do to make Skirting Science even better?


9 Next year’s Skirting Science Day will be on Wednesday October 19 2016 – are you interested in reserving places for a group of girls? (This year’s event was over-subscribed so early booking is recommended)  

Please continue your answers to the questions on the back of this form if you need more space.


  Skirting Science Workshop Presenter Questionnaire

Thank you for running a workshop at Skirting Science and having such a positive impact on so many young people. We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. Your views and suggestions are extremely important to us and will be used to make future events even better.

1 What worked well in your workshops?
2 What would you change if you were to do it again?



3 Why?



4 What can the organisers reasonably do to make Skirting Science a better experience for Workshop Presenters?


5 What have you got out of delivering your workshop?


6 Do you have any further comments you’d like to share?



7 Next year’s Skirting Science Day will be on Wednesday October 19 2016 – would you be happy to run a workshop again next year?

Please continue your answers to the questions on the back of this form if you need more space.