Eighteen questions about attending conference that are often asked. 

Conference Bags: Will there be a conference bag?
Yes, Conference Bags are being provided by Toilet Twinning.

Civic Reception: Will there be a Civic Reception?
There will not be a Civic Reception this year.

First Aid: What will happen if I am taken ill or have an accident?
An approved team of First Aiders will be in attendance throughout the conference to deal with all incidents; Stewards will be briefed about the procedures to be followed.

Exhibition: I would like to be an exhibitor at the conference. Who do I contact?
We are planning to have a significant exhibition area this year featuring Club projects, stands from charities and partners, and commercial exhibitors. There will be plenty of time to browse the stands and the exhibition will remain open until 16.30 on Friday. Please see the Exhibitions page on this website for details of how to apply for a stand.

First time at Conference: I am coming to conference for the first time. Have you made any special provision for me?
When you register for conference you will receive a conference pass with a yellow lanyard to show this is your first conference.

Will I get a discount?
The Federation Management Board have reviewed the decision to refund £50 to the first 100 first time attendees who register for the SIGBI Conference and refunds will not be issued this year. The reasons for this are set out in a letter from the Director of Membership. Please refer to the 16th December 2016 News Briefing.

Friendship Links: I want to meet members of our Friendship Links
A Friendship corner will be identified within the ACC so you can contact and meet Friendship Link club members.

Accommodation: How will I be able to book accommodation in Liverpool
The list of accommodation for Liverpool is available on this website. SIGBI have enlisted assistance from the Liverpool Convention Bureau who have negotiated the best accommodation rates for our event in Liverpool and we recommend that you book rooms through this service, although this is not compulsory. To book a hotel through the Liverpool Convention Bureau’s secure accommodation booking website please visit: This facility does mean that enough rooms are guaranteed for the conference at this very busy time. .

Lunch at Conference Centre: Can I purchase lunch at the ACC?
Packed lunches need to be ordered when registering for the conference. There are plenty of eateries in the surrounding area. Please note: only food purchased in the ACC can be consumed on the premises.

Parking: Can I park at the ACC
See the separate page re car parking near the ACC. .

Photographs: Will studio portraits be taken of participants in the Change of Insignia Ceremony?
A photographer will be present throughout the conference to take photographs that will be displayed on the flicker website therefore no studio portraits will be taken.

SIGBI Shop: Will I be able to buy SIGBI items for my Club?
Pre-ordered and paid for items will be available for collection, in addition diaries and badges will be available to purchase from SIGBI on Friday and Saturday.

Transport: Will there be buses from the hotels to the conference venue?
Public transport is readily available so no bespoke transport will be available.

Travel to Liverpool: How can I travel to Liverpool?
Liverpool has excellent travel links with two airports nearby also rail and motorway networks. See Travelling to Liverpool on this website.

WiFi: Will there be WiFi available in the ACC auditorium?
WiFi will be available during each conference session.

Opening Times of the ACC: When will I be able to get into the ACC?
On Thursday 25 October the foyer of the ACC will be open for delegates to check-in from 11.00. On Friday & Saturday you will be able to enter the ACC from 08.15; if you have not already checked-in the Delegates Desk will be available for you to do so.

Mobility and other needs: Will there be assistance for those with mobility and other needs?
Yes: a team of bespoke extra assistant stewards will be available throughout the conference. There will be a separate Delegate Check-In desk for those needing extra assistance.

Stewards: How will I recognise a steward if I have a question?
Conference Stewards will wear a distinctive SIGBI rosette in the colours of the Suffragettes of green, white and purple. They are there to welcome you to the conference and help make it safe and enjoyable for everyone.