Liverpool offers a fantastically varied choice, with some of the finest foods from around the world.

Good food with a view is practically custom in Liverpool restaurants. Enjoy the ‘high’ dining at Carpathia, river views at so many eateries at the Albert Dock, or reach the skies at Panoramic 34 where it’s not just fine dining on the menu; it’s 360 degree views too.

For a multi-cultural choice, head for Bold Street, where you can expect Italian seafood specials at The Italian Club Fish, Peruvian street delights  at Chicha or the incredible Japanese small plates at Miyagi’s. Or, if you are after something a little more sophisticated, you may find the eateries in Castle Street more your preference, where you will find some of the best restaurants – and architectural masterpieces – in the whole of Liverpool.


But no mention of the food available in Liverpool should omit the famous local delicacy: Scouse. This is a hearty stew of meat and vegetables, served with crusty bread and either beetroot or red cabbage (opinion is divided as to which is the more authentic). You will find it on the menu of many cafés and restaurants in the city. There’s even a Global Scouse Day, held at the end of February each year.

By the way, it’s the reason the people of Liverpool are nicknamed Scousers.