Registration for the SIGBI Liverpool 2018 Conference

Please complete EITHER the online registration form, for payment via PayPal OR the PDF form, which you will need to print, complete and return by post with your cheque or credit/debit card details.

Full Registration  is £165.00, but you can also register for individual events. Registration closes 30 September 2018.

Prices are included in the registration forms.

Please note, in line with new regulations, there is no additional charge for payment via PayPal or Credit Card.  However, SIGBI is still liable for these charges, so we would appreciated it if payment could be made by cheque or debit card, which means that you would need to complete the PDF version of the form.  Please do this if you are able to do so.

Please complete the appropriate form below:

Non-Soroptimists Registration is now OPEN

If you are not a Soroptimist, or are a Member from another Federation (ie not SIGBI) and wish to register as an individual (ie not accompanying a Soroptimist) please complete the appropriate registration form below:

If you need any help completing the online form, then please see the userguide below: