The Conference Committee is planning an great line-up of inspiring speakers for Liverpool, amongst whom are:

Terry Waite, who became known when he was held a hostage in the Lebanon for five years. These days he is president of the charity Y Care International, the YMCA’s international development and relief agency. The YMCA is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world. He is also patron of AbleChildAfrica and Habitat for Humanity Great Britain and president of Emmaus UK, a charity for formerly homeless people.

Sally Kettle is an ocean rower and the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West. She competed in The Ocean Rowing Society Atlantic Rowing Regatta in 2004 with her mother, Sarah Kettle, becoming the first mother and daughter team to row an ocean.

Emily Rose Yates will take you through her personal journey of an adventurous wheelchair user, from cage diving with sharks to being the first disabled woman to cross the Sinai Desert via a camel. She was the Disability Consultant at MetroRio as well as writing the Lonely Planet’s Accessible Rio in 2016. Emily is a colourful and inspirational lady.

Ann-Marie Wilson 28 Too Many is a registered charity established in 2010 by Dr Ann-Marie Wilson to undertake research and provide knowledge and tools to those working to end FGM i(Female Genital Mutilation) in the countries in Africa where it is practised and across the diaspora worldwide. In recognition of her work researching and campaigning against FGM, she received the British Citizen Award, one of only 28 people chosen to receive the award from hundreds of nominations.