Dr Ann-Marie Wilson

Dr Ann-Marie Wilson – FGM Campaigner, Founder and Executive Director of 28 Too Many

28 Too Many is a pioneering anti-FGM charity working across 28 countries in Africa and the diaspora which includes practising communities in the UK.

Ann-Marie first came across FGM whilst working in a refugee camp in Sudan in 2005 where she met survivors of this harmful practice. After hearing their heart-rending stories and learning more about FGM, Ann-Marie was shocked that so many people did not know about this widespread practice affecting over 140 million girls and women worldwide and which has devastating consequences. Determined that more needed to be done to end FGM, Ann-Marie dedicated herself to working against FGM and in 2010 founded 28 Too Many,

10 years on from that fateful trip to Sudan, Ann-Marie remains committed to her work against FGM. She and her team at 28 Too Many produce high quality research on FGM which provides a platform from which they educate and inspire everyone who needs to be engaged in the movement to end FGM.