This Year’s Meetings – Were You There?

Outgoing Federation President Ann with incoming President Sue


Since our excellent Conference in Cardiff, the time seems to be flying by, and the new year is moving forward.

President Alison’s theme is GROWING THE FUTURE and our annual planning meeting in November has made sure we have some interesting meetings in store!

Saturday 11th November

Great level of enthusiasm at the annual planning meeting when officers were joined by Programme Action Officers and Presidents of clubs to plan the programme for the coming year.

This year, clubs will take it in turns to lead on Programme Action Projects. Cathy and Jackie from the Southend club are the first team and they are already involved with UKPAC and the international scene.

We have a planned a very full programme to inspire our members to come along to region – meet friends, make friends – share our goals!

Saturday 2nd December at Newnham College

At this meeting, we shall celebrate UN Human Rights Day and all clubs will be asked to take part.

Following our business meeting, we shall have a discussion about The Way Forward for the Region. We shall share the ideas from the Officers’ Council Meeting and listen to your views.

Our afternoon speaker will be Clare Mulley, who will talk about her book The Women Who Flew For Hitler.

We aren’t quite ready to feed back on Neat Feet Happy Hands yet, so we’ll end the day by talking about fundraising for our new regional project and get some feedback from Conference.

Hope to see you there!