**International Women’s Day Centenary of Votes for Women – Region Meeting Sat 3 March London

On Saturday 3 March – SI London Chilterns Regional Meeting and International Women’s Day celebration will be held at the Lancaster Hall Hotel London 10am to 4pm  Please Contact Us for more info and/or to book your place.

The day will be in the form of a mini-conference, there will be two speakers: Irene Cockroft SI Greater London on Women’s Suffrage (please see below for more information about International Women’s Day and Irene) and Nicole Lyons Senior Research Officer from the charity Breast Cancer Now There will be also be an interactive “Bring & Share” Session on the use of Social Media

Refreshments are served during the day. Bring packed lunch, buy something locally or there are a number of local restaurants serving lunch.

Attendees are urged to wear something Green White and Violet (the colours of the Suffragist Movement – GWV – Give Women the Vote).

Clubs have been asked to send 2 pictures of women that Club Members think are achievers or who have been valuable in changing the role or status of women (dead or alive, British or not).

International Women’s Day in 2018 is particularly significant as the centenary of (some) women winning the right to vote in the UK. Before 1918 no women were allowed to vote in parliamentary elections. In the early 20th century there were two main groups active in the campaign for women’s suffrage, a term used to describe the right to vote. These two groups were the ‘suffragists’ who campaigned using peaceful methods such as lobbying, and the ‘suffragettes’ who were determined to win the right to vote for women by any means. Their militant campaigning sometimes included unlawful and violent acts which attracted much publicity.

We are very fortunate in this centennial year to have Irene Cockroft as a speaker at this event. The photo is of Irene. Please see below for further information.

“Irene Cockroft , a member of Soroptimist International Greater London, London Chilterns Region since 1997, is an independent exhibition curator, author and lecturer specialising in the history of women’s involvement in the late 19th, early 20th century Arts & Crafts and Suffrage movements.

Irene’s inspiration in studying women’s history was her great-aunt, suffrage artist Ernestine Mills (1871-1959) who worked in many mediums including highly-skilled enamel-on-metal. Mills was a founder member of Soroptimist International of Greater London, chartered in 1924.  Greater London was the first Soroptimist club to be chartered outside America where the movement began in 1921. Mills designed and enamelled Votes for Women brooches sold at Society of Women Artists exhibitions. She also designed and enamelled presidential insignia for Greater London and for several other early SI clubs.  

Ernestine’s medical doctor husband Herbert Mills, was physician to the militant Pankhurst family and to Lady Frances Balfour, leader of the London Suffrage Society that sought to achieve Votes for Women through peaceful advocacy. Ernestine was a member of both the militant and the law-abiding societies, the leaders of which were family friends.  

Irene’s book, New Dawn Women, published by Watts Gallery, illustrates the link between Arts & Crafts training for women and propaganda for women’s human rights. Another book, co-authored by Irene with Susan Croft and published by Aurora Metro Press, covers Art, Theatre and Women’s Suffrage.  Both books are available on the Amazon website.

For a Soroptimist discount whilst stocks last, please email: newdawnbooks@virginmedia.com.

During the summer of 2018 (May-August/September), as part of Parliament’s Vote 100 programme, Irene Cockroft and Susan Croft have been commissioned to guest-curate an exhibition which celebrates the centenary of Votes for (some) Women, Suffragettes in Camden. The venue will be Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre, 32-38 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8PA, not far from Holborn Tube Station. “
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