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Annual Youth Award 2014

This is a public speaking competition for girls.

This year the Annual Heat is being held on Wednesday 15th October 2014 in the

Campsie Suite, White Horse Hotel.

The importance of speaking in public cannot be stressed enough and it is felt that the experience of taking part in this competition will be of considerable value to all the girls in later life. The competition is supported by the Progressive Building Society, to whom we are very grateful and is open to girls in year 12 and 13 from schools and colleges across N Ireland. The girls will speak for not less than 4 minutes and not more than 6 minutes.

In allocating marks, judges will assess speeches under:

Content – 50 Marks

Construction and Style of Presentation – 25 Marks

Delivery and Impact – 25 Marks.

A maximum of 5 marks may be deducted for excessive use of notes or for substantial deviation from the time limit.

  • Alternative Energy- which way now?
  • Sugar is the new tobacco.
  • Apprenticeship or degree?
  • Gender quotas in politics- positive or negative?
  • Cyber world: friend or foe?
  • Can International Diplomacy still work?
  • Subsidised events… the taxpayer getting value for money?

These seven topics have been chosen to represent the areas in which  Soroptimist  International is involved; i.e.

Economic Empowerment,

Environmental Sustainability, Food Security and Healthcare, Learning

Opportunities and Violence and Conflict Resolution

The winner of this heat will be presented with the Hazel Cathcart Memorial Cup and will represent

SI Londonderry at the NI Finals to be held in Hillsborough on  Saturday 7th February 2015.