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A final message from President Carol McKeough (March 2020)

It has been a good and successful year (2019/20) with the motto 60 for 60 really coming to the fore. We have had lots of fun and hard work and raised money for our Charities and worked on our Programme Action aims. I wanted to focus on mental health and I think we have gone some way to bringing adult mental health and dementia to the consciousness of members, of our friends and our sister Soroptimist from SI Medway. SI Medway is our mother club and their excellent support throughout this year has helped to make all the activities we set up a success. It is with sadness that we have made the decision to close the club after 60 years and all members have ratified that decision. Club members are transferring to SI Medway. Soon to be SI Medway and Maidstone. I am looking forward to being part of SI Medway and Maidstone and I was looking forward to the first club meeting. However, the Covid 19 virus has robbed us of SI Maidstone’s final club AGM and SI Medway’s AGM which was due on 9th April. It has also halted all other activities for the next few months as we isolate ourselves attempting to keep ourselves and others safe. I want to say a very big thank you to all club members and friends who have made this year so successful but most of all an enormous vote of thanks to Janet who has helped me to steer the club through the fun and choppy waters as we move forward.

In Friendship, President Carol

President Carol McKeough

Please see the Posts section of the website to see all the projects and programme action.























Information about all the projects and work that SI Maidstone have been doing can be found on the posts page. Please take a look.

A message from Immediate Past President Chipo   

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I thank every club member for bestowing on me the honour of becoming President of SI Maidstone. I am truly honoured and humbled.

I remember my first days as a Soroptimist, I was very scared and very sceptical – thinking what I had got myself into? I did not understand what this was all about but hearing talks about woman and girls that really whet my appetite and I wanted to be involved.

I have been very hesitant to take on this role, but in the end, I had trust and was sure that it was going to be ok. In my head I was just thinking that if only I can achieve just a fraction of what the previous presidents or my fellow sisters had achieved or done then I will have succeeded.

I am very passionate about recruitment of new members, please come and meet us to find out more. Look at the Posts’ section on the website to see what we have been doing. We look forward to meeting you.


We meet on the third Tuesday every month, we meet at 6.30 for 7pm  at the Cobtree Manor Golf Club.




Please see our ‘posts’ on the section Recent News and Events to see the wide range of our activities.

If you would like to find out more about our club or would like to join us, please use the ‘contact us’ option.


Chipo Kamutanda ( wearing the Kente sash at conference in Malta)



Past President Janet –     ‘Come and join us to find out more, help shape our programme of activity for the future, make a difference to women around the world’.




Who we are – We are a movement for working professional and business women who gather together to give service to others.

We operate:

  • At club level to provide support and friendship
  • At local level to serve where clubs join together to serve the community where the club is based
  • At Regional level where clubs join together to serve a much larger community
  • At Federation level, where clubs in many countries join together in addressing larger issues
  • At International level where all Soroptimist clubs in the world work for Human rights for all, Equality, Development and Peace through International Goodwill and Understanding and Friendship

Soroptimist International is about women working together for others, to make a difference.

Our members are working and retired women; artists, doctors, researchers, marketing, librarians, voluntary workers, bankers – they are from all walks of life.

Why join this world wide organisation?

  • Perhaps you want to meet women from different walks of life with different skills?
  • Work takes up a great deal of our time and you want to experience a wider world?
  • Maybe you feel that you would like to put some thing back into your community, but don’t know where to start.

                                                             Could you be one of them?