Ask me why….?

Why did I become a Soroptimist?

•  I joined because of the excellent website.
•  I joined because I was invited
•  I gave a talk at Regional meeting and was persuaded to join
•  J persuaded me persistently
Why do I stay?
•  I value the opportunity to be part of an organisation which makes a difference
•  Friendship and like-minded colleagues
•  I believe in its aims
•  I feel if I help one woman in the world I will have a great story to tell my grandchildren
The funniest or nicest thing that happened to me because I am a Soroptimist
•  Its all been nice and often funny
•  Getting a posy of fresh flowers
•  Being squeezed in a lift with 6 members of the Irish National Rugby team
………………………………….. come along and meet us.