Friendship Links

Friendship Links are the Soroptimist way of linking with other clubs worldwide to share projects and offer support and friendship.

Soroptimist International is about women working together, through Awareness, Advocacy and Action to make a difference for those less fortunate than ourselves, locally, nationally and internationally.

Maidstone has three linked clubs;

SI Voorburg-rijswijk, The Netherlands, SI Europe

Voorburg is situated near The Hague and is a member of SI Europe. This is a long standing Friendship Link with whom we have exchanged correspondence and visits over many years. In May 1999, 20 members visited and joined us on a trip on the MV Pochontas sailing up the River Thames to Chelsea. In 2007 four of our members visited Voorburg. In Summer 2011 two members of SI Voorburg came on a weekend visit to Kent with a choir from their area. We entertained the choir one evening and were able to catch up and exchange news and greetings with the Soroptimists and consolidate our Friendship Link with them yet again.

SI Heswall, Cheshire, N Wales and Wirral, SI GBI

Heswall is situated at the South of the Wirrall. We have been ‘linked’ for several years; we exchange greetings at Christmas and at other salient events affecting the clubs, always endeavouring to meet at the National Conference.

SI Accra, SI Ghana SI Europe

Accra is the capital of Ghana. This link has been established for some years, consolidated by the joint project between the clubs; making and selling the Kente Sashes. SI Accra makes the Sashes and SI Maidstone sells them. They have proved a very attractive insignia not only for our club but for many other clubs. The money raised has meant that SI Accra has been able to build a library. This has been facilitated by our Member Dr Nellie Adjaye, recently retired Paediatrician. Nellie hails from Ghana and visits there regularly. Since the library was completed the money raised is now being used to provide screening of pre-school children for visual and hearing impairments,in a small area of the capital city. As this service is not freely available to all pre-school children they are hoping to document their findings and present it to the Health Authority so that the programme can be extended to other areas.


Kente sash



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