Maidstone Presidents, their theme for the year and charities supported

President Carol McKeough 2019/20

It is an honour to be the President of SI Maidstone for a second Term. My First experience as President was in 2006/07.  This time the situation is very different: I have now been a member for 18 years and I agreed to take on the role of president because this year we are celebrating the 60th Anniversary of our club and it is important to have a consistent lead for our programme action and social activities throughout the year.  My theme for the year is 60 for 60. We can interpret this in many ways: 60 hours of volunteering; 60 cups of tea /coffee; engaging with other clubs to support their activities and asking others to support us to raise money for our club charities.

This year we also want to raise awareness of mental health issues and how these are addressed locally and to see if we can do anything to support services and voluntary organisations working in the area of mental health. My aim is for us to continue to work with the charities we have previously supported and also to work with a local charity supporting the families of Children with Disabilities.

Although we have our sights on programme action, we also want to have fun and my aim is to have a social activity each month, either in our own town or with other Soroptimist clubs to support their social activities and raise funds for charities.

President Chipo Kamutanda 2018/19


President Janet Hughes  2017/18



The club is being run by groups/ teams of members. The team and club select the programme action projects and charities which we are supporting


President Mags Harrison 2015 – 2016

During this year we will be focusing on education, empowerment and enabling local people and local communities, as well as addressing the impact of human trafficking within our local community.

We will continue to support the food bank in Maidstone and have registered an interest with Kent Association for the Blind to undertake audio recordings on a voluntary basis of newspapers, magazines and journals later in the year. The recordings will be sent to people who are blind or partially sighted.

We will be supporting a local charity ‘Restoring Hope’ who support victims of human trafficking by providing a safe place for them to rebuild their lives.


President Carol Infanti 2014 – 2015

President Carol Infanti

Soroptimist International is a global voice for women and girls. Our aim is to help educate, empower and enable. Soroptimists International have five Programme Areas.

(i)         Increase access to formal and non-formal learning  opportunities.

(ii)        Improve access to economic empowerment and sustainable opportunities for the employment of women.

(iii)       Eliminate violence against women and girls and ensure women’s participation in conflict resolution.

(iv)       Ensure women and girls have food security and access to the highest attainable standard of health care.

(v)        Address the specific needs of women and girls by improving environmental sustainability, and mitigating effect of climate change disasters.

This year we will be focussing on education, empowerment and enabling by working to support two communities in Maidstone and particulary the women within the communities, by supporting the work of the community hubs. We will be raising funds to sponsor women to gain skills or retrain to get back into the workforce, we will help with coaching or mentoring women and girls.

  • The Vine, Shepway – ‘Transofrming lives, shaping communities – empowering people with choice.’ – Supporting the food bank
  • Fusion Health Living Centre, Parkwood – ‘Providing opportunities for local people…that will have a postive impact on their health and wellbeing.’ – Supporting community projects and the Princess Project.

You are welcome to come along to one of our meetings and find out more. See the ‘Meetings’ page for details of where and when we meet.

Educate, Empower, Enable 

Women inspiring action, transforming lives

 During the year we donated £834 to the charites plus a further £500 in kind donations, including toys, toiltries, food and items for home starter packs.

President Elizabeth Astridge 2013 – 2014 

Elizabeth Astridge

Elizabeth Astridge, President 2013 – 2014


My charity for this year is Alongside Africa.

AlongsideAfrica. Helping people help themselves in Uganda,East Africa, through opportunities not aid.

The vision – A world in which every individual has the opportunity to make a living.

The club are aiming to raise funds to send young women to the Drucilla Balaba Vocational Training course

President Nellie Adjaye 2012- 2013

President Nellie

President Nellie

President Nellie’s theme for the year was ‘The International Soroptimist’.  Her charity for the year was Congo Action which is based in Maidstone. (Registered charity number 108833). Congo Action enables people in the Congo to use thier skills and resources to combat poverty by building sustainable primary schools, assisting children with school fees by running sponsorship programmes, by providing adaptations for disabled children and adutls.

For more information please contact or email


Past Presidents

Mrs Carol Infanti                           2014/15

Mrs Elizabeth Astridge                   2013/14

Dr Nellie Adjaye                             2012/13

Mrs Jane Kennedy                          2011/12

Mrs Kate Kersey                             2010/11

Mrs Lesley Rich                              2009/10

Mrs Janet Hughes                          2008/09

Mrs Margaret Ambrose                  2007/08

Mrs Carol McKeough                      2006/07

Mrs Jill Squires                               2005/06

Mrs Susan Hunt                              2004/05

Executive Committee                     2003/04

Mrs Catherine Boughton                2002/03

Mrs Jill Joyce                                  2001/02

Mrs Lesley Rich                              2000/01

Miss Catherine Fulton                    1999/00

Dr Nellie Adjaye                             1998/99

Mrs Dorothy Playford                     1997/98

Mrs Jill Squires                               1996/97

Mrs Ann Echlin                                1995/96

Mrs Ann Kesteven                          1994/95

Mrs Rosemary Davis                      1993/94

Mrs Ann Kesteven                          1992/93

Mrs Rosemary Bonner                    1991/92

Mrs Mavis Firth                              1990/91