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Club Projects

Soroptimist International Malta operates projects on three levels, the International level, the SIGBI (Federation) level and the local level. SIGBI stands for “Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland”, and is the regional group to which our club in Malta belongs.


International projects include those proposed by the International President, such as the current “See Solar, Cook Solar”. Also special days such as World Peace Day, which are observed by Soroptimists everywhere, fall into this category.


Federation projects are proposed by the President of SIGBI, such as the BIG project – Birthing in Gambia, and clubs are encouraged to raise funds to purchase/donate necessary equipment and services.


Local projects focus on the needs of our Maltese population, and much of our fundraising goes into projects which improve the situation of, and add to the education of, vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls on the island.



In addition to supporting the current federation projects, SI Malta has the following ongoing projects:



Dar Merhba Bik

In Spring or early summer the Club organizes an outing for the children currently residing at Dar Merhba Bik to visit the secret garden of the President’s Foundation for the Well-being of Society.

In autumn, the Club prepares and enjoys a dinner together with the women residing at Dar Merhba Bik.

Members also collect toiletries and main necessities to donate to clients at Dar Merhba Bik.



Youths in the Community

Project started in November 2017

Name of Programme: Youthsmart

Linking with the vision of the Soroptimists 3 Es, Educate, Empower and Enable, Soroptimist International Malta has started working with Agenzija Zghazagh Youth Hub in autumn 2017 to educate youths in a holistic approach and vision in the communities. Topics are on:

·      Mindfulness
·      Culture and Heritage
·      Eating disorders
·      Interacting with elderly
·      Addiction
The speeches and discussions will be led by Soroptimists and/or other topic experts from the respective field.
Our vision is to have this project cascading  throughout summer in Youth Cafes all over the island, as an ongoing project.



A talk was given by Emma De Lucca to the youth at the Naxxar youth club. The talk dealt with the integration of youth with the elderly, which turned out to be a success particularly because of the dynamics that the youths themselves created. Personal experiences and emotions were shared, reflecting the youths’ memories of their grandparents.