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Saturday Conference Finale

Fabulous Finale – Closing Ceremony, Change of Insignia and Gala Dinner


President Jackie gave a wonderful speech of thanks to everyone who had supported her in the last year when she was SIGBI President, and also in the all years before leading up to the last “wonderful” year of travel around the Federation – meeting Soroptimists, creating partnerships, visiting projects were we have “Accepted the Challenge to Secure the Future”.

Incoming President Liz Morgan-Lewis installed her new management team and then came the highlight of the closing ceremony when Liz presided over the Region and Countries’ Presidents handing over to their successors.

Liz’s speech is given in full on the next page, where she launched the theme for the year ahead “Inspiring Action: Transforming Lives” – which is also the mission of all members of Soroptimist International.

The gala dinner was hugely enjoyable – with good food and great company. Friendships were renewed – Mary Sherratt from SI Hertford even met a pupil she had taught many years ago in Jamaica – how’s that for the Soroptimist network at its best!