The Significance of the Bee

The bee features in our Conference Logo and reference to bees appears a number of times throughout the Conference. One of our keynote speakers has an interest in bees – Bill Turnbull looks after four hives. 

Manchester Crest

The bee can be found in the crest of our city venue – Manchester.  In addition, as many people will know, Federation President Jackie Mosedale is a supplier of beekeeping and honey equipment and herself keeps bees.   Her bees make excellent honey – which her friends and colleagues will vouch for!

What is the significance of the Bee within the crest of the City of Manchester?  Quite simply the bee is symbolic of Manchester’s industry and is found on the coat of arms both in the State Rooms of Manchester Town Hall and at other points in the building.  The landing outside the Great Hall (a large area with a mosaic floor with lots of bees in it) is traditionally known as “The Bees”!