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President Sue’s Ditty

I’m renowned at work for writing a ditty

But I’m no poet so there’s a pity

For special occasions I’m commissioned to write

But never as a president before tonight.


The forthcoming year is now all planned

With the help of many all aspects in hand

Dinners & speakers, functions and trips

A good time to be had without any blips


We’ll be sure to follow the Soroptomist theme

For women worldwide who can only but dream

Of warm shelter, good food and kindness of heart

In Education & learning we can help make a start


My passion is children, a whole lifetime of giving

As a mother of two and a teacher for a living

Supporting the families who are in most need

With love and with learning, we’re helping to lead


My charity this year will focus on those

Who struggle to find food, school books and clothes

Marys Meals is its name, we’ll feed quite a few

For seven pounds a year is all that is due


My retirement begun and a new chapter for me

Brings my focus to Soroptimism for all to see

I’m really excited by the year up ahead

And am thankful for support as I warily tread


So at the start of yet another year

Our friendship with each other is abundantly clear

We’ll need to continue extending our hands

To envelop our sisters across all the lands