Friendship Links

Friendship Link with SI Osnabruck

SI Medway has been linked with SI Osnabruck since 2002. (SI Osnabruck was formed in 2001) when Julia Search was SI Medway’s Club President and keen to develop our international links. Long term friendships were established and one of those is between Julia and Ilse Heinzen-Dammeier from Osnabruck club.

Ilse is currently visiting Kent and staying with Julia.

They are both seen here together at Julia’s having been joined by another Medway member, Jane Barnes. They took advantage of the opportunity to catch upon the news of what has been happening for each club in relation to membership, communication and programme action projects and how we can work together and share good practice.



Following an invitation from SI Osnabruck’s President Marie-Luise to visit them this year – work is underway planning SI Medway’s next friendship weekend visit in December that will coincide with the popular Christmas Market season.