Educate, Empower & Enable Women & Girls

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Soroptimists transform the lives and status of women and girls through education, empowerment and enabling opportunities.

Projects can be local, national or international, all have a huge impact on the lives of women and girls.

Here are some examples of projects, showing how Members have educated, empowered and enabled:

Abuja, Nigeria – Mini Library for Primary School


Soroptimists from our Abuja Club renovated and provided a mini library for a primary school in a village called Karshi outside Abuja City Centre, Nigeria.

The Club chose the project to give the young girls and boys in that school a good learning environment to improve their reading culture.

It involved renovating an existing classroom, making new tables, chairs, book shelves and a donation of books.

Education is the key to empowering and enabling women and girls.

Dunfermline, Scotland – Shedding Light on Learning

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This is part of the Clubs ongoing commitment to improving education facilities in this mountainous area of Uganda. These remote schools lack many facilities such as power and light, reliable water, sanitation etc. While the schools buildings are provided by the government they are short of many vital items including textbooks.

The Club submitted an application and were successful in being awarded a £1,000 grant by Better World Books to part fund this project. Working with their partner organisation, ROCDIC, in Uganda, solar panels and text books were ordered and funds transferred.

They took delivery and distributed the books and oversaw the delivery and installation of the solar panels.

The solar panels will provide light and enable pupils to board at the school and have extra study time in the evenings to prepare for their exams. It will also empower the whole community by enabling phone charging in an area with no mains electricity and where communication is difficult.

The text books will enable to pupils to have a book each instead of having to share.

Lurgan, Northern Ireland – Dignity in a bag


This project was selected because all Members believe it is important to ensure that girls receive an education which would empower and enable them to become trained and skilled to take on a career that would allow them to support themselves and their families.

The Club Members received the design and made sanitary pads. Members donated materials, pants, face cloths, soap etc. all Club Members were involved in pinning the pattern, cutting out, stitching, sewing, completing and packing the bags.

The packs have now been received in South Sudan, DR Congo, Togo, Haiti, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Northern Uganda. A total of 150 packs have been provided by the Club.

Women and girls in South Sudan and Nigeria have received sewing machines and materials and have now been taught to make their own. All materials are available in these countries with the exception of the waterproof backing. This will be sent by the Club.

South Kolkata, India – Educating women and girls on their rights


Soroptimists from our South Kolkata Club ran a session for women and girls on their legal rights and to inform them about agencies available who can help them.

An experienced advocate was invited to talk to the women and girls about the various complaints they could face and how to tackle them legally.

This was followed by an interactive session where the ladies discussed their different problems and sought help to resolve them. The advocate shared information on various governmental/non-governmental institutions available, where help is mostly free.

The overwhelming response from the audience prompted the Club to set up a monthly meeting with a lawyer who will help women and girls with any issues and give guidance accordingly.