Soroptimist School Clubs

Penwortham Girls’ High School

Preston Soroptimists have linked up with Penwortham Girls’ High School and started a School Club – The ‘Soroptimisses’.

Some students joined one of Preston’s projects last year so it was a natural progression to ask how they felt about starting a School Club. Karen Pomeroy, Head Teacher was very keen. So far, there are about 20 Members from years 8–11. They meet on Monday lunchtime under the guidance of Miss McDermott, Head of Religious Studies and Citizenship, Community Studies and PSHE.

Preston Soroptimists have a small School Club committee and keep in very close contact with the girls and teacher, a committee Member goes to the meetings about every two weeks.

So far, the girls have collected items for Mary’s Meals, run a cake stall on Sports Day, raising £250, which they hope will go toward sponsoring a youngster through education with the PIES charity and are working on a book of inspirational quotes from women which they hope to sell. All girls have been asked to submit a quote for the book and those chosen will be published. They will then receive a copy of the book free of charge. The girls simply need to choose a woman who inspires them, explain why and pick an inspirational quote from her. The Club has offered prizes for the girls to enter their ‘Inspirational Woman’ competition and has invited them to their Regional meetings.

They are very eager to do various projects from toilet twinning to learn about human trafficking. In February, they will hold a week of events to celebrate the centenary of women getting the vote.

SI Preston can hardly keep up with them! Nicola McDermott said, “The girls at Penwortham Girls’ High School have found their projects with the Soroptimists highly rewarding. They are passionate about ensuring all girls have a quality education and the best possible start in life. Creating the Soroptimisses has allowed them to feel a sense of achievement and a moral satisfaction in what they are doing for other girls their age all over the world.”

Karen Rainford from SI Preston said: “We are very proud and excited to have these students as part of our organisation. They are fantastic girls, enthusiastic and keen to support as many causes as they can. We hope that this is the start of many School Clubs across the area.”

Karen and Regional President, Maureen Howarth were recently interviewed on local TV, That’s Lancashire, talking about life as a Soroptimist and their School Club.

AKS Lytham Independent School

Fylde Soroptimists have been working with AKS Lytham Independent School and a group of 12 very enthusiastic girls, aged 13 to 18 years have come forward to form a Club.

SI Fylde Member Hilary Douglas Brown has addressed a Lower School and Upper School Assembly on behalf of the group and the whole school is working hard to support our nominated charities.

Pupils are collecting ring pulls for The Purple Community Fund and raising funds for our Toilet Twinning ’80 for 80’ project. The girls also took part in the recent SI Trafficking Survey.

The group will be Chartered in the very near future.

Setting up a School Club

If you would like to set up a School Club in your local area take a look at School Clubs page of the Members’ Area. Here you’ll find further information including a guide.

If you need further information please contact Sally Higgins, Membership and Website Officer on