Raise your voice for the forgotten victims of conflict

In the image below are 14 people that have been injured by explosive weapons. All of them have received support from Humanity & Inclusion (HI) physiotherapists, social workers and others. The photos (from top row left to bottom row right) are of Malik; Emerson; Jannat; Gloria; Mohammed; Rama; Abdullah; Zena; Conrado; Abdulrahman; May; Lum; Youssef; and Sidra.

The girl in the middle of the top row is called Jannat. The four-year-old, from Mosul in Iraq, was so traumatised by the explosion from the rocket that hit her home that she did not speak for months.

Around 90 people are killed or injured by explosive weapons every day and it is because we’re determined to raise our voices for innocent victims like Jannat that HI, together with local clubs and schools, organise Forgotten 10 Challenge events each December.

Over the next week nearly 30 events from Kent to Fife are taking place. 

Widnes Soroptimists are holding a fundraising supper; Tamworth Soroptimists have arranged for the bells of a town centre Church to ring out in remembrance of the victims of war and Kidderminster Soroptimists will finish off a week of events (including a Pyramid of Shoes, see photo left) with a sponsored walk.


Pupils and teachers are also organising special school assemblies and writing to their MP. These are just a few of the events taking place.


If you would like to write to your MP about the Stop Bombing Civilians campaign you can download the ‘Write to Your MP pack’ from the Humanity and Inclusion website.