Soroptimist International Board Director 2019-2020

SI is looking to recruit a Director to the SI Board for the period 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020.  A change to procedure was approved by the Voting Delegates at SIGBI’s General Meeting (Resolution 1) on 26 October 2018 in Liverpool.  For the first time this position is now available to any member in SIGBI with the appropriate skills and expertise and who meets the eligibility criteria to act as a Director of SI; a limited liability company registered in England and Wales.

The accompanying letter and documentation, below, should provide you with all the information you require and includes a timetable for application, interview and selection.  The timeline to recruit a new Director is tight, as this was dependent upon the change to the SIGBI Byelaws – the closing date for nominations is 16 November 2018.

If you have any questions regarding this post, please contact Gina Coad on

  1. Call for Nomination for SI Board Director (SIGBI) 2019-2020 – 29 October 2018
  2. SI Board Director (SIGBI) 2019-2020 – Nomination Process – 1 October 2018
  3. SI Board Director (SIGBI) 2019-2020 – Application Form – 1 October 2018 (Word document)
  4. SI Board Director (Members) Role Specification – September 2018
  5. SI Board Director (SIGBI) 2019-2020 – FAQs – 1 October 2018
  6. SI Articles of Association 2017
  7. SI Byelaws – June 2018
  8. SI Roles and Responsibilities Manual 2018  – Please do not print out as this is 78 pages long.
  9. Welcome Letter to Prospective SI Directors – SI Global Executive Director – October 2018
  10. SIGBI Byelaws – 26 October 2018