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Club Mailings – December 2019

20 December 2019

SIGBI News Briefing – 20 December 2019

SIGBI CLUB WEBSITES UPDATE – Thank you for your patience regarding the freeze on making updates to your club websites. We are pleased to report that the new design template has now been applied to all Club Websites, and we are on target to go live with the new website by end January 2020. The dashboard of the website should not be too different to the current website, as it will still use WordPress, but we will issue instructions for the new website as soon as possible. The Members’ Area of the website will be addressed in January, and this is the final section that needs to be updated before it can go live. The website statistics over the past 12 months demonstrate the need for a website that addresses Search Engine Optimisation for SIGBI’s Website and Club Websites:

SURVEY ON SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY FOR 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM – Thank you to all Clubs who took part in the social media campaign for the 16 Days of Activism. SIGBI provided a toolkit for the 16 days for use on Facebook and Twitter.

We would like to assess its success, so please help us calculate the total reach of the campaign by completing the survey below and sharing your social media stats with us. We will then put a report together. We will be doing this for each similar campaign throughout 2020 (eg International Women’s Day), so please do get involved and complete the survey.

You are asked, as part of the survey, to upload (or email separately if you prefer to your social media statistics, and instructions for doing this on Facebook and Twitter are included (also linked to below). We will collate all these statistics to demonstrate the total reach of the Soroptimist campaign, so we do need your information. The closing date for the survey is 8 January 2020, so that we can evaluate it as soon as possible. Thank you:

SPELLING MISTAKE – CLUB BALLOT 3 – SIGBI VICE PRESIDENT – Please accept our apologies, as Hilary Laidler’s name was spelled incorrectly in the main box on the ballot paper that was sent out on Tuesday 17 December 2019. It was spelled correctly where the link to the nomination papers are shown. This does not affect the validity of the ballot paper, which should be returned by the closing date of 28 February 2020.

6 December 2019

SIGBI News Briefing – 6 December 2019

SIGBI CLUB WEBSITES UPDATE – Please accept our apology for including President Isobel’s letter re the updates to the SIGBI Website in the SIGBI News Briefing, but not in the Club Mailing for Club Executive on 15th November 2019. We understand that some Club Website Editors may have missed the letter for this reason.

The link to the letter is included below, but we would like to stress that the restriction on Club Pages that is mentioned in the letter is for top-level pages only, and each top level page  can have a signicant number of sub-pages, so you do not need to lose any information, just re-organise it a little.

The migration of Club websites is now taking place, but we will notify any Club individually who has too many top level pages, and work with them to reduce this number. For now, your current websites will remain visible to the public, so if you have any urgent information to put on them, you can still update them. However, anything that is added now will not be migrated, so save if you want it to be available on the new website, save it into a Word Document, so that you can add it again at a later date. We will let you know of progress in the next Club Mailing.

Letter from Isobel Smith re New Website (circulated 18 November 2019)


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