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Soroptimists can you March for Water?

For 1 in 9 people around the world getting a drink of water isn’t as simple as turning on a tap. They have no choice but to make long, tiring, and often dangerous journeys to remote water sources – and then haul heavy cans or buckets all the way back home. It’s a journey that for some is an eight kilometre round trip, and a burden that more often than not falls to women and young girls, who sacrifice their education and careers to make sure their families have water.

We all know that walking does us good – spending time outdoors can benefit our physical and mental health, and is also great fun. This march, WaterAid is inviting you to join their new walking challenge, March for Water, to walk in solidarity with those who have no choice but to walk to collect water.

You choose where and how far you walk, you can do an all-club hike or a simple stroll with your members in your neighbourhood.

When you sign up, you’ll receive wonderful blue laces for your marching shoes to ensure you are all united in your efforts.

Sign up and show your support here.

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