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New Soroptimist Club Chartered in Salisbury

Some 150 members, families, friends, and supporters came to welcome the newest Club in the Federation, SI Salisbury, in the magical setting of Salisbury Cathedral Cloisters. Soroptimists from 24 Clubs in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and South Africa witnessed the official chartering by Federation President Sue Williams on Saturday 3 August.

Proceedings were ably led by Toastmistress Kay Linnell of Salisbury’s Mother Club SI Winchester. Regional President Barbara Watts read the Vision and Mission and Federation President Sue noted that she was presenting a Charter in the room next door to England’s most famous charter – the Magna Carta! She congratulated the Club on the quality and number of its active programme action projects. Founder President Lisa Scandling and President Elect Teresa Wells were invested with the chains of office left as a legacy for a new Club when the previous Salisbury Club closed in 2003. Seventeen Salisbury members were warmly welcomed to our worldwide organisation before Founder President Lisa gave her inaugural address, thanking everyone for all the support and help the new Club had received in coming into being. The Mayor of the City of Salisbury added his welcome to the city to the new Club, which as he noted, has already been very actively involved in community partnerships and networks. To close the ceremony, members of the new Club were joined by members of a local choir to sing ‘Twenty First Century Woman’, a song written by Joanna Forbes L’Estrange for International Women’s Day 2019.

It was particularly lovely to have several members of the previous Salisbury Club present, including a number of Founder Members. They were as thrilled as the new Salisbury Club members to see their legacy continue and for Soroptimist values and action to be alive and thriving once again in the city.

At the dinner which followed the Charter ceremony and drinks reception, a Founder Member of the Club hosted each table, enabling visiting members to get to know the new Soroptimists. Regional President Barbara added a few words of welcome to the Southern Region and Past International President Ann Garvie welcomed the new Club, telling them to ‘Dream it, be it’ as they take their place in our global family. Founder President Lisa thanked all for coming and invited everyone to join her on the ‘dance floor’ as a local female jazz musician ‘Sticky Toffee Jazz’ played some lively music into the night. It really was a beautiful setting for a truly memorable night.

The new Salisbury Club members are very grateful to the many Soroptimists who travelled long distances to join in their celebration and for the many gifts and cards. They have been delighted with the many messages of support and welcome from Soroptimist sisters across the Federation and the worldwide organisation.

There was a lovely write up of the event in the Salisbury Journal.

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