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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – March 2019

The Target Ovarian Cancer campaign this year is ‘It’s time to TAKE OVAR’ and aims to accelerate change and transform the future of more than 25,000 who are living with the disease and thousands more who will be diagnosed.

Every year 7,300 women in the UK are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, that results in the death of 11 women every single day. The survival rates in the UK are among the worst in Europe but it faces chronic underfunding compared with other cancers

An exciting development announced during February this year by Public Health England is a project to map ovarian cancer care, surgery and survival across the NHS for the first time. The pilot will be jointly funded by The British Gynaecological Cancer Society, Target Ovarian Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Action and delivered by analysts at the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service

What as Soroptimists can we do?

There are plenty of ways we can be involved and help TAKE OVAR.

Raise Awareness

Learn about the symptoms and share the information with other women; ensure your daughters, granddaughters, female relatives and friends are aware. You can raise awareness among the local community – the earlier a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer the more likely she will respond to treatment.

There are quick and easy things you can do:

In one minute – Post a message on Facebook or Twitter #TAKEOVER

Have a bit more time? Order the free leaflets and distribute them in your local area, for example you could ask to leave some at your:

  • Local GP surgery
  • Local dentist surgery
  • Slimming groups
  • Local gyms
  • Exercise classes
  • Local leisure centres and halls


Target Ovarian Cancer’s campaigns tackle the three biggest barriers to progress: late diagnosis, limited choice of treatments, and the isolation so often felt by women with ovarian cancer.

  • Consider being a Target Ovarian Cancer campaigner and receive updates for your Club
  • Ask your MP to join in the TAKE OVAR campaign
  • Campaign to help women access drugs they need wherever they live

 Fundraising: Support will save lives, for example

For more information visit

Together we can and give ovarian cancer awareness a serious boost

Rita Beaumont: APD Healthcare & Food Security

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