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Soroptimist Day of Action – 20 July 2019

Saturday 20th July 2019 is the Soroptimist International Great Britain & Ireland (SIGBI) Day of Action.

This year many Clubs will be raising money for the Meru Women’s Garden Project, our three year partnership with to educate, empower and enable women in Meru to become self-sufficient.

Whatever fundraising event you’re planning please send pictures to for inclusion on the website and social media pages.

The Meru Women’s Garden Project will be drawing to a close at the end of October. Over the last 3 years Soroptimists have funded agricultural training, mothers’ nutritional training and alternative rights of passage training for both girls and boys. Without the support from Soroptimists this would not have been possible.

Breaking News (June 2019)

We are delighted to announce that the £150,000 target for this project has been exceeded, three months ahead of the end of the Project. Thank you to all Clubs and Members who have made this possible. have announced that all funds raised between now and September will be used to fund Pregnancy Support Groups for the women of Meru. It’s wonderful that together we have helped even more women and their babies in Meru than we could possibly have imaged at the start of the Project.

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