The Time Is Now – join the March for Climate Change – 26 June 2019

On 26th June thousands of people will come together in London to tell our politicians the time is now to take action on climate change and environmental decline.

The Time is Now is supported by a wide range of organisations, representing a diverse range of people from across the UK unified by one thing: the passion to protect the things we love from climate change and environmental damage.

The Time is Now mass lobby is being organised by The Climate Coalition and Greener UK, two coalitions of organisations that represent millions of people across the UK.

This summer the government will decide whether to end the UK’s contribution to climate change by committing to an ambitious net zero emissions target. They will also have the chance to end nature’s decline by committing to a strong Environment Bill. Now is the time to push for bold action.

On June 26th, thousands will rally around Parliament and come face to face with our MPs to tell them that The Time Is Now for action on climate change and the environment. It’ll all kick off at 1pm. The march snake round Westminster, organised town by town, village by village, and peopole will meeting their MPS one-by-one to tell them that they want action!

Spread the word! Email your MP and tell them you’re coming. Invite your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

The aim is to show the government that this is an issue their constituents care about. If you are unable to make it to London why not encourage your community to organise a regional meeting with your MP?

Sign up here or drop us a line on