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Region/NA/Network Mailings – May 2020

29 May 2020

SIGBI News Briefing (COVID-19) – 29 May 2020

Note: this is not a scheduled mailing, but contains items related to events happening next week so is an additional mailing. There will be another Club mailing for Club Executive on 5 June with the scheduled items of news.

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 5 JUNE TOOLKIT – We have produced some suggested social media messages that you could use throughout World Environment Day on 5 June 2020. The hashtag to use is #ForNature. If you tag us in on Facebook Soroptimist InternationalGBI and on Twitter @SIGBI1 we will like, share and retweet too. And make sure you do the same for all the other posts you see from other Clubs, too. There are two versions of the logo below which you can use with your posts. Note that we will not be sending a survey to ascertain the total reach of our social media messages for this campaign, as we will be doing one of those for the SIGBI Day of Action campaign:

NATIONAL VOLUNTEERS WEEK 1-7 JUNE TOOLKIT – This year, National Volunteers’ Week is running from Monday 1st June to Sunday 7th June. Here is another opportunity to celebrate your volunteering work, sharing your stories on your websites and through social media channels. Whether you’re volunteering to support the NHS, other organisations or charities, or you are volunteering in your local community or supporting an international project, tell your story and use the logo and the hashtag #Soroptimistsvolunteer. If you tag us in on Facebook Soroptimist International GBI and on Twitter @SIGBI1 we will like, share and retweet too. And make sure you do the same for all the other posts you see from other Clubs, let’s let everyone know #Soroptimistsvolunteer. There are two versions of the logo below which you can use with your posts.

SIGBI WEBSITE WEBINAR & SECURITY UPDATE – A website webinar has been arranged for next Thursday, 4 June at 12.00-13.00 (note the change of time). It will cover editing your Club Homepage, replacing the default header image if you have replaced it with a picture that you don’t like, social media (putting your Club’s Facebook/Twitter feed on your website and adding “Follow us on” icons for various social media platforms. There should be time at the end to answer any specific questions you have. Please submit these in advance by sending them to Please register to attend by emailing We do hope that you can join us. The invitation will be sent out on Tuesday afternoon to those people who have registered.

Note: There is a scheduled security update being applied to the website on 11 June 2020. This should not affect people using the website, but we advise Club Website Editors not to update their pages on this date. We will include this notice again in next week’s scheduled mailing.

22 May 2020

SIGBI News Briefing (COVID-19) – 22 May 2020

15 May 2020

SIGBI News Briefing – 15 May 2020

REGION/NA/NETWORK OFFICERS FORM – Please complete the form below and return by 31 July 2020.  Note that Region/National Association/Network Officers will take office from 1 November 2020, and will hold office until end October 2021.

SIGBI WEBSITE TUTORIALS – The first website tutorials are now available, covering editing basics, handling images, using tables and also some Best Practice videos covering the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), how to write a blog and how to optimise a blog. More videos will be added over the next few weeks. The recordings of the last three website webinars are also available. They are all in the SIGBI Members’ area – log in and search for Tutorials, or follow the link below. NOTE: the Club Editor’s User Guide has now been substantially updated. Please use the version below:

Note: the filename has not changed, which is good practice, but if you have accessed this file before, press F5 to refresh your screen and make sure it is the latest version you are viewing.

TEMPLATE PRESS RELEASE – COVID 19 ACTIVITIES – A template press release has been developed to help Clubs tell the press about what they are doing. Tell the press how you are staying in touch, as well as the projects that you are doing. Some Clubs have gained members locally through their COVID-19 projects. Potential Members could be invited to join a virtual meeting.

CLUB ORDERS AND LONG SERVICE CERTIFICATES – We have not been able to send out orders and long service certificates whilst in lockdown, but now Staff will be calling into the SIGBI HQ office approximately once a week to process these.

100 4 100 – LAST CALL FOR NOMINATIONS – Just a reminder to all members that we are closing the nominations for the 100 4 100 campaign on 31 May. There is no need to send your 500 word article if you are still working on it at this stage. Simply use the contact us facility to register your name, your Club and your nominee. We will contact you to let you know if your suggestion has made the shortlist of 100 remarkable Soroptimists from the past and the present.

SIGBI OBITUARIES – We have been requested to restart the publication of obituaries, to commemorate those members who have passed away and did fantastic work on behalf of their Club and their communities.

We will be starting again from scratch, as the previous obituaries had all been on the website for some time. The page will be in the Membership section of the Members’ area. To publish an obituary, send a thumbnail photograph – resized to 150 pixels and a maximum of 50 words to Obituaries will be published for 3 months.

7 May 2020

SIGBI News Briefing (COVID-19) – 7 May 2020

1 May 2020

SIGBI News Briefing – 1 May 2020

SIGBI WEBSITE WEBINARS AND TUTORIALS – It’s fantastic that so many Club Website Editors have registered to attend the four webinars, two of which have now taken place. Unfortunately, these webinars have proved not to be suitable to publish because the questions taken from the floor mean that they are not coherent enough. Therefore, Joan Bailey, SI Garstang and Rachel Weinhold, SI Rossendale, who have been running the webinars, will be producing a series of video tutorials on different aspects of updating the website, as well as dealing with SEO (search engine optimisation) and how to maximise the potential of your website and social media. These will be available within the next few weeks.

REPORTING MEMBERSHIP CHANGES – Please can we urge Secretaries/Membership Officers, to notify SIGBI HQ immediately if one of your members if one of your members leaves, transfers or sadly passes away. Email is the best way, especially in the current situation. We do send birthday cards to members who have a significant birthday, and to avoid any unpleasant incidents it is important the database is as up to date as possible. Please send the information to Thank you.

PROGRAMME REPORTING ON COVID-19 ACTIVITIES – If you have been working to support others during the lockdown, then don’t forget to report your work on the Programme Database. Start the title of your project with COVID-19, followed by the title of the project. This will enable us to see the impact of the work that Soroptimists have been doing during this difficult time. Please note that only Programme Work should be reported, so holding Club Meetings via electronic means, and keeping in touch with members, should not be reported. However, if your Club has done something to support the NHS or vulnerable people in the community then please do complete a PRF as soon as possible. Thank you.

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