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Region/NA/Network Mailings – August 2020

21 August 2020

SIGBI News Briefing – 21 August 2020

FPAC VIRTUAL MEETING 29 OCTOBER 2020 OBSERVER LETTER – Regions/NAs/Networks are invited to submit one Region/NA/Network Representative to be an observer at the FPAC meeting and report back to the Region/NA/Network. The meeting will be on 29 October 2020, starting at 13.30 GMT (you can login from 13.00). Please see the letter below, from Kay Richmond, which is in Word format as it contains a form that needs to be completed and returned no later than Friday 16 October 2020. 

NB: This is not the same letter that is in the SIGBI News Briefing, which is for all Members. Kay is particularly keen that the people listed in the letter below do join her for the FPAC meeting, but as this is a virtual meeting there can be more attendees than usual, so members are being invited to attend as observers as well via the letter in the News Briefing.

FPAC observer letter to Regions/NAs/Networks:

DIARY ORDERS – Please note that, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production of Diary Covers has been delayed, and we do not have any in stock. We are advised that these will be delivered to us by end September, so any diary orders which include covers will be sent out first week in October. We apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience.

DONATIONS TO THE LEBANON FOLLOWING THE EXPLOSION IN BEIRUT – We have been asked if SIGBI are making a donation to this disaster. The Emergency Relief Fund Constitution states that only donations to countries within SIGBI are eligible to be sent donations, so SIGBI will not be making a donation. If individuals or Clubs wish to donate, we suggest that you donate directly to one of the NGOs who are working in the area, such as the Red Cross.

14 August 2020

This was an extra mailing so there was no SIGBI News Briefing.

The Annual Accounts have now been prepared and signed. There is a letter from Director of Finance, Ruth Healey, which should be read as it explains some important aspects of the accounts.

The Annual Report is also included. Please follow the links below and share with your Club Members:

  1. Annual Report 2020:
  2. Letter from Director of Finance, Ruth Healey, to accompany the Accounts:
  3. SIGBI Ltd Financial Statements 31 March 2020:
  4. SIGBI Trading Ltd Financial Statements 31 March 2020:
  5. Benevolent Fund Financial Statements 31 March 2020:
  6. Diamond Education Grant Financial Statements 31 March 2020:
  7. Emergency Relief Fund Financial Statements 31 March 2020:

As explained in the letter, there will be no General Meeting this year, and the accounts will not be voted on. However, if you have any questions regarding the accounts, please email Ruth ( , copied to Gina Coad, SIGBI Executive Officer (, by Friday 25 September 2020, to give her the opportunity to respond before conference.

7 August 2020

SIGBI News Briefing – 7 August 2020

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE 2020-2021 – We have now received the PL insurance Policy for 2020-2021. Please see it below, plus the cover note as circulated in the mailing on 17 July 2020.

SOCIAL MEDIA SURVEY FOR SIGBI DAY OF ACTION – Please can you complete our survey with regards to the SIGBI Day of Action. The closing date is 31 August 2020. This will help us assess the impact of our social media campaigns. Thank you.

INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION’S CONVENTION 190 – At the request of Soroptimist International, who are asking all Federations to take part, SIGBI has written the letter below to the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. We have also sent a WORD version to all countries asking them to customise it for their own governments and urge them to sign up to this convention:

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