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Club Mailings – April 2021

16 April 2021

SIGBI News Briefing 16 April 2021

There was no separate mailing for Club Executive on 16 April 2021.

1st April 2021

SIGBI News Briefing – 1 April 2021

SIGBI WEBSITE – WORDPRESS PLUGIN UPGRADES – The SIGBI Website is having some WordPress Plugin Upgrades applied, which will result in a content freeze from end of play Friday 9th to 13th April (note slight extension from the dates advertised in the last mailing). Please do not make any updates to your websites on these dates. You will be able to view the website on these dates, although there may be a slight downtime of the website for half an hour on 13th April.

TREASURERS’ SURVEY REPORT – Please see below the results of the Treasurers’ Survey carried out by Director of Finance, Ruth Healey, towards the end of last year:

TREE PLANTING MAP – Don’t forget to complete the form to submit your tree planting data by end April for inclusion in May’s update. Note, if you have donated to SI South Kolkata’s mangrove planting, please do not submit a report. They are collating all data on this. Thank you.

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