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Club Mailings – May 2021

21st May 2021

SIGBI News Briefing – 21 May 2021

SOROPTIMIST NEWS MAY & AUGUST 2021 ISSUES – Soroptimist News is now 16 pages long, which allows more space for Club News. Please do read the May 2021 issue, which is now available on the SIGBI Website, and share with anyone who would be interested to read it.

For the August 2021 issue, we want to include news of your Centenary Celebrations. What has your Club or Region/NA/Network done to celebrate the Centenary Year of Soroptimist International? How have you promoted it? Please send your Celebratory News (one paragraph plus photograph) to by Monday 14 June 2021. We will include around 10 items from Clubs/Regions/NAs/Network, and the criteria used to select them will be:

  1. Most innovative celebration;
  2. Most interesting/good quality photograph (please do not send pictures of Zoom meetings. If (for example), Members dressed up from the 1920s, it is better to send a photo of a member in her outfit than the whole Club on a Zoom meeting;
  3. The most impactful (in respect to publicity);
  4. Ensuring as many countries of the Federation are represented as possible.

A panel of judges will choose the most suitable items to include. We’re looking forward to reading them.

PROGRAMME REPORTING WORD TEMPLATE – One of the comments from the Programme/Membership/Growth webinar on 24 April 2021, was that the Word template should only include the fields from Step 2 (The Story of the Project), as these are the fields that take the time to complete and can result in the system timing out before the project is completed online. Please do use the template, as you can then allow time to word it correctly and can simply copy and paste the final paragraphs into the online form, saving time. It will also give you a record of your reports.

TREE PLANTING MAP – Please remember to send it your tree planting data by 31 May 2021 for inclusion in June’s update.

7th May 2021

SIGBI News Briefing – 7 May 2021

SIGBI DIARIES 2022 – PRE-ORDER NOW – For Club Secretaries who co-ordinate Diary orders for their members, please note that you can now pre-order your 2022 diaries. Pre-order now using the 2022 Diary Order form. You will be able to order 2022 diaries from the online shop from July 2021:

BANK TRANSFERS TO SIGBI AND SIGBI LTD – Please may we remind you that payment of annual returns and invoices should be clearly identifiable. Please do NOT include Soroptimist International in your reference, as this results in the Club Name not being visible. Use only the main part of your Club Name (no “and district”), and one of the following abbreviations. Thank you:

Payments to SIGBI Ltd

  • AR – Annual Return
  • NM—new member fee
  • IPA—International President’s Appeal
  • Ben—Benevolent Fund
  • DEG—Diamond Education Grant
  • ERF—Emergency Relief Fund
  • Invoice Number—Website Maintenance Invoices

Payments to SIGBI Trading Ltd

  • Invoice Number—Retailing Invoice Payments
  • ID Reference—Conference Registration (provided when registering online)

TREE PLANTING MAP – SIGBI has now recorded 18,533 trees planted. Please do share this news, and don’t forget to complete the form to submit your tree planting data by end May for inclusion in June’s update. Note, if you have donated to SI South Kolkata’s mangrove planting, please do not submit a report. They are collating all data on this. Thank you.

FRIENDSHIP LINK REGISTER – REMINDER If you haven’t already sent your Friendship Link Register form to Bhaswati Biswas, SIGBI Friendship Link Co-ordinator, then please do so as soon as possible. Thank you.

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