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Club Mailings – November 2021

19 November 2021

SIGBI News Briefing – 19 November 2021

CLUB/REGION/NA/NETWORK PRODUCTS FOR SALE – SIGBI Trading Ltd is delighted to be able to offer Clubs/Regions/NAs/Networks the opportunity to sell their products via the SIGBI Online Shop. If you are interested in selling your products via this outlet, then please complete the form below and return to (note this is a Word document, so will most likely appear as a tab at the bottom left of your screen, which you will need to click to open the document):

SOROPTIMIST NEWS – 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM PICTURES – Please be reminded to send your high resolution photograph of your local “orange the world” event, with no more than 50 words describing your event. The deadline for sending these is Monday 6 December 2021. Thank you.

TREE PLANTING MAP – Add your trees to our map by end November 2021 to be included on the next update:

5 November 2021

SIGBI News Briefing – 5 November 2021

SOROPTIMIST NEWS – CLUB NEWS IS BACK – There is an item in the SIGBI News Briefing asking Members to send letters for publication in Soroptimist News 2022, but we also have two requests that are for Club Executive:

  1. December 2021 issue – please send us a high resolution photograph of your activities in oranging your local area. These are for the back page of the December 2021 issue, so there will only be room for a few and we will select the ones that are the most innovative, creative and colourful. Please supply no more than 50 words describing what you did. The deadline for sending these in is Monday 6 December 2021.
  2. 2022 issues – CLUB NEWS IS BACK – there are no restrictions on what news you want to share with us, but we will feature up to a maximum of 16 items per issue (it may be fewer depending on the items). Your news can be celebratory, congratulatory (a member receiving an award for example), fun – anything you like. Priority will be given to items that a) have a high resolution, interesting photograph b) would be of interest to non-members as well as members c) are original (presentations of cheques are unlikely to be included). Items not included in one issue may be included in a future one if they meet the criteria but there isn’t enough space. Please put the subject “Club News” in your email, and include no more than 50 words to accompany the photograph. The deadline for copy for each issue is 8th of the month before publication (ie for the February issue it is 8th January 2022. We look forward to receiving your items of Club News.

Remember to share the link to each issue of the magazine widely, and encourage people to download the App if they can.

TREE PLANTING MAP – The tree planting map has been updated to 31 October 2021, and 69,331 trees have been planted so far. Add your trees to our map by end November 2021 to be included on the next update:

EASYFUNDRAISING – Fundraising website easyfundraising is giving good causes 1000s of opportunities to win donations this November. When anyone connected to your Group plays Spin to Win, they could win you anything from 10p – £50 every day. One in ten people are guaranteed to win a donation for their good cause every day throughout November! Plus, they are also running a £15 bonus donation refer a friend scheme too! Make sure your Group is registered with easyfundraising this month

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