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Club Mailings – September 2021

17 September 2021

SIGBI News Briefing 17 September 2021

SIGBI GENERAL MEETING 2021 – DOCUMENTATION – Below is documentation that you need to read before the SIGBI General Meeting on 29 October 2021. Most of it has already been circulated in additional mailings, but the SIGBI Charity Accounts have not previously been circulated. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Gina Coad—

CLUB BALLOT RESULTS – The following ballots have been counted and verified. The results are:

  1. Club Ballot 4: Approval of the Rules of Conduct of the SIGBI GM 2021—Approved (100% For)
  2. Club Ballot 5: Approval of the SIGBI Ltd Annual Report 2021—Approved (100% For)
  3. Club Ballot 6: Approval of the SIGBI Ltd GM Minutes 2019  – Approved  (100% For)

CONFERENCE SPONSORSHIP – CALLING ALL CLUBS/REGIONS/NAs  – We circulated the letter below on 6 August 2021, but owing to the issues with the SIGBI Server which affected the ability to register for Conference over the past two weeks, we are repeating it below. As part of our focus on young people and our theme ‘Believe to Achieve’ the Conference Committee would like to propose that Regions & National Associations consider sponsoring one or two young women (ages 15 – 20) to attend Conference this year.  Please see the letter from Anne MacDonald below for full details. Note in particular the instruction in bold, as it’s important that we can identify the sponsored delegates:

INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT’S APPEAL – Please note that a new International President’s Appeal, “Opening Doors for a Bright Future” will be launched on 1 October 2021. We will include more details of this Appeal in the SIGBI News Briefing on that date. The current International President’s Appeal, “Road to Equality”, closes on 30th September 2021, and any donations received by SIGBI after that date will be put towards the new Appeal. Therefore, please ensure that any donations you have for “Road to Equality” reach SIGBI HQ by 30th September 2021. Thank you.

CLUB MEETINGS – SIGBI HQ has been asked if we have any guidance for Clubs regarding face-to-face meetings as restrictions are removed by the UK Government. We regret that SIGBI cannot provide guidance on this as the situation varies from country to country (even within the UK), and a lot depends on the age demographic of the Club and whether they have any vulnerable members. This has to be a decision that individual Clubs and members within each Club must take. You may wish to seek advice from your usual Venue on their own regulations, and also consider a “hybrid” solution to Club meetings to cater for those that want to meet in person and those that do not.

TREE PLANTING MAP – Please make sure you send in your entries for September 2021 by the end of the month for inclusion in next month’s map update:

3 September 2021

SIGBI News Briefing – 3 September 2021

SIGBI LLANDUDNO 2021 GUEST REGISTRATION – This year’s virtual conference offers a unique opportunity to showcase Soroptimism, recruit members and promote our work with current and potential partners. We are keen to extend an invitation to members of other organisations, especially younger women, to join us. We invite all Clubs/Regions/National Associations/Networks to reach out to their contacts to invite them to our event. Please see the letter below giving full details, and flyer to forward to your contacts to encourage them to register:

SIGBI HQ SERVER ISSUES – SIGBI HQ have had an issue with their server this week which has impacted on access to the members’ area of the SIGBI Website and conference registrations. We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to get this resolved as soon as possible. We are moving to a new platform next week, so there may be some downtime required. We’ll endeavour to keep members informed of any scheduled downtime.

TREE PLANTING MAP – We are delighted that over 64,000 trees have now been reported on the SIGBI Tree Planting Map. Please make sure you send in your entries for August 2021 by the end of the month for inclusion in next month’s map update:

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