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Club Mailings – May 2022

6 May 2022

SIGBI News Briefing – 6 May 2022

SIGBI DAY OF ACTION MAP – This year’s SIGBI Day of Action will focus on climate change and reducing the use of Single-Use Plastic. Any report entered on the database in July which is concerned with climate change, for example a beach clean/litter pick or raising awareness, should include the location of the event and the outcome (eg how many tonnes of rubbish were collected). These reports will be used to enter the information on a map, which will be published in August 2022. You will not be asked to input data onto a separate form.

COPYRIGHT ON PICTURES – Please be reminded that pictures found on Google should not be used on Club Websites, as they may be copyrighted. There are sites that you can use which offer free photographs, some of which were listed in the letter below, first sent to Clubs in 2018. Please do not risk having to pay additional fees for using images that you have not purchased or obtained permission to use:

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