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Contains information of interest to individual Members, including Membership Statement, New Members' Pack, how to apply for a Memorial Fund Award, Grants of Friendship/Invitations, and Membership Matters.

Contains all the information you need for the running of a Club, eg Membership Forms, Annual Returns, Club Governance, How to Start a New Club.

Contains information related to running a Region/National Association/Network, eg the purpose of Regions/National Associations/Networks, and Region/NA/Network governance documents

Contains documentation to help you communicate your activities, eg Template Press Releases, SIGBI Brand Guidelines and Logos, good examples of Club Promotional Material, How To Guides.

Contains information related to Programme Activities, eg a page for each Programme Area, Commission on the Status of Women, SIGBI Programme Database.

Contains documentation related to the running of the Federation, eg SIGBI Governance, Vision 2021.

Soroptimist Websites – where to look and what you will find

Have you ever found yourself wondering where to look for things on Soroptimist Websites? I hope this short article will give you the urge to go and have a browse – you are bound to find some really interesting things that you didn’t even realise you needed to know!

SIGBI Website is the Soroptimist International Great Britain & Ireland (SIGBI) Federation website, and contains all the information that Members/Clubs/Regions/NAs/Networks need to know.

The main (non-Member) part of the website contains easy links to donate, find a Club and sign a petition.  There is a main slider which is regularly updated, and each picture is linked to more information about that item.

The Members’ area is open to anyone, but contains a lot of information in the form of documents, which are useful to Members/Clubs/Regions/NAs/Networks.  The information is divided into Communications, Programme, Members, Clubs Regions/NAs/Networks and Federation.

Not sure where to look?  Type your keyword into the Search box at the top right of the screen and press Go to see the search results.

You will need to log into the Members’ area (using your Surname and Membership Number) to access the Membership and Programme Databases.


Soroptimist International Website

Soroptimist International (SI) – – contains information about all four Federations, so gives a more global aspect.

Other Federations’ Websites

The other 3 Federations – Soroptimist International of the Americas , Soroptimist International Europe , and Soroptimist International of South West Pacific all have their own websites. You should be able to find links to the websites for your Friendship Links from their respective Federation websites.

UKPAC Website

The UK Programme Action Committee website is updated regularly with Programme Action information – it’s worth taking a look even if you’re not from the UK.

Number 63 Website

“Number 63” is the hotel at 63 Bayswater Rd in London that is owned by Soroptimist shareholders.

I hope that you find this information about Soroptimist websites useful – happy browsing!