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Federation Vacancies 2021

Federation Vacancies 2021

Club Ballots w/c 10 May 2021

Nominations have been received for SIGBI President Elect and APD Partnerships. Ballot papers have been circulated to Clubs w/c 10 May 2021.

Please see details of the candidates below:

SIGBI President Elect 2021-2022

One nomination has been received for this post. Please see the role specification, nomination paper and video below:

Ruth Healey

APD Partnerships

Two nominations have been received for this post. Photographs and nomination forms are shown below. Please also see the Role Specification for this post.

Yvonne Freeman

Nomination Paper





Ayushi Kundu



2nd Call for Nominations

We are still looking for a SIGBI Designated Safeguarding Officer and HR Liaison. The closing date for nominations is 11 June 2021.

Each post has its own application form, so select the application form below for the post you wish to apply for.

See the Federation Role Specifications for details of each role.

Trustees to the Emergency Relief Fund Required

SIGBI Ltd is looking for two Trustees for the Emergency Relief Fund. The closing date for applications is 11 June 2021. Full details are in President Elect, Cathy Cottridge’s letter below, and links to the ERF Constitution, Protocol and Trustee Role Specification are also included:

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