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General Meetings

SIGBI General Meeting 2021

The following documentation relates to the SIGBI Ltd General Meeting 2021.

Governance of the General Meeting

Owing to the pandemic, SIGBI did not hold a General Meeting in 2020 as the Conference was a virtual one and there was no provision in the SIGBI Byelaws allowing them to hold a virtual General Meeting. As SIGBI Ltd is required to hold a General Meeting at least every two years, one must be held in 2021, but again the Conference will be virtual.

Therefore, an addendum to the SIGBI Byelaws is necessary to allow the General Meeting 2021 to be virtual. Appropriate legal advice has been taken in comprising the Addendum. A vote of Clubs is not necessary for an Addendum to the Byelaws.

The letter below from Cathy Cottridge gives full details of this decision, and the Addendum is also below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Gina Coad  –

  1. Cathy Cottridge – Letter to Clubs – SIGBI Ltd General Meeting 2021 – Final Version – 1 June 2021
  2. Rules of Conduct for the General Meeting 2021
  3. Addendum to SIGBI Byelaws dated 21 May 2021 – this addendum was added as it relates to holding a virtual General Meeting.

Resolutions to the GM 2021

  1. Amendments to Resolution Letter. Only one  resolution has been received this year.  This letter includes the resolution and  provides details of how to submit an amendment to that resolution..  Amendments must be submitted to SIGBI HQ on or before 9 July 2021.
  2. Appendix A to Resolution 1.  Appendix A provides a list of questions received regarding the proposal to increase the term of office for the SIGBI President and President Elect from one to two years, together with the accompanying answers.

If you have any questions regarding Resolution 1 please contact SIGBI HQ on


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