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Membership/Annual Returns Forms and Fees


All forms are in Word format. Information documents (eg Fees) are in PDF format.

Region/NA/Network Officer form and FPAC Chairman form

Membership Forms

  1. New Member Form
  2. Member Leaving Form 
  3. Change of Member’s Details Form 
  4. Transfer of Membership Form 

Membership Fees 2023-2024:

All the fees that will be payable for the annual returns and for new members who join throughout the year 2023-2024, including Club Members, Younger Members and Associate Members, are in the document below.

Fees for new Members joining during the year are calculated on a monthly basis (the Member only pays for the number of months remaining in the year depending on their joining date).

  1. All Membership Fees 2023-2024

Annual Returns

Annual Returns are sent to ACM Clubs on 1 February each year and to UK/RoI Clubs on 1 April.

Please can you ensure that your Membership is as up to date as possible before the Returns are sent out, as this will make the process easier both for Clubs, as the Returns will not need updating and can be sent straight back with the payment, and for SIGBI HQ.

You can either send any Membership forms to SIGBI HQ by email or post (to arrive by end March for UK/RoI Clubs) and we will make the updates before sending the annual returns out, or you can make your Membership Changes online before 31 March.  The user guide below explains how you can do this.  Thank you for your cooperation.:

Below, you can download the documents which accompany the annual returns.  All documents are in WORD format unless otherwise stated:

  1. Letters to Clubs (PDFs) – ACM Clubs; UK Clubs; RoI Clubs
  2. Club Officers Forms 2022 – 2023 – ACM Club Officers; UK/RoI Club Version
  3. AR Calculation Sheets 2022-2023: Band 1; Band 2; Band 3; Band 4 (ACM); Band 4 (UK); Band 4 (RoI)

Paying Annual Returns by Standing Order (UK Clubs & Clubs with UK Bank Accounts only)

UK Clubs and Clubs not in the UK that have a UK bank account can pay their SIGBI Membership Fees in instalments by Standing Order. We know that Clubs outside the UK will not be able to benefit from this because of the high bank charges that would be involved, but if any overseas Club has access to a UK bank account and would like to take advantage of this facility they are very welcome to do so.

Please note that instalments can only be paid by CLUBS for all their Members, not by individual Members who should pay via their Club. We hope that this will enable Clubs to pass on the offer for their Members to pay the Club fees in instalments.

If you wish to pay in this way, please contact

Gift Aid Forms

The new Member form includes a section to sign if the Member is eligible to claim gift aid, but any existing Members who have not signed up yet for gift aid for our four charities can do so using the form below:


  1. Donations form
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