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Recruitment Guidance and Tools


The items below have been produced to assist you in organising your Recruitment events.  Documents giving tips and advice are in PDF format, and templates for you to use are in WORD. Posters are in PDF but are forms to which you can add your own contact details.

Guides to Recruitment and Retention of Members

SIGBI Social Media Recruitment Campaign

SIGBI launched our social media Recruitment Campaign 2020 in October, and we have already had a great response, including a number of membership enquiries. We have more planned over the next few months.

The campaigns target women who are looking for volunteer opportunities and social connection with other like-minded women.  Social media is the ideal channel to reach potential members, so if you do see one of our adverts please do share it and comment.

Clubs can also run their own campaigns, and we have produced a toolkit to help you to do this, which comprises:

Plus there is a selection of images for you to choose from – simply click on the image you want to use from the selection below to open a large version, which you can then download:


Posters and Adverts

A3 Poster for advertising events

SIGBI has produced an A3 poster that you can use to advertise your events.

This poster will also print A4 simply by choosing A4 in the print settings.  All the elements will be re-sized proportionately.

Recruitment Posters

The following eight posters were designed by Soroptimist International of the Americas, and they have agreed that we can use them and amend them with our own logo.  Each poster gives a different powerful reason to volunteer and join Soroptimist International.  Use the one you prefer or use all eight in different places in your town/city.  You can add your own contact details in the Contact Us box. Click the picture you want to go to the PDF poster, which you can then download:



What sort of Woman is a Soroptimist? Poster

A poster has been produced of the back page of Soroptimist News December 2015. Professional printing is recommended, and as the poster does not include contact details, it should be used only as part of a larger display that includes such information.

#WHYSOROPTIMIST printable speech bubble

You could print this off and ask Members to write inside the bubble why they are Members – then take a photo of them holding it up and share on social media.

Download HERE.


Tips and Advice/Guidance

The following documents include ideas and advice on recruitment events:

Remember to always use the Hastag #WhySoroptimist on all your social media activity related to recruitment and include @SIGBI1 in all your Tweets.


Useful Templates

Template Recruitment Advertisements

A series of Recruitment Advertisements have been produced in different sizes, for Clubs and Regions/National Associations/Networks to customise and send to newspapers and magazines in order to attract new members.

Both the PDF and Word versions are shown below.

  • The PDF versions have a blank space where contact details can be added using publishing software.  If you want to print the advertisements your printer should have an option “Actual Size” or similar to ensure that the advertisements are printed at the sizes shown below.
  • The WORD versions are available below in both WORD 2007 and WORD 2010.  If possible use the WORD 2010 version.  In these versions, the text box containing the contact information (currently for SI Albans and District) may be amended.  Simply click in the text box and enter your Club’s contact details.  Save as a PDF before forwarding to magazines or newspapers for inclusion.

Please select the file you want from the list below.  All versions are available in both colour and monochrome, and the sizes of the adverts are also shown.  The illustrations are not to scale and are merely to illustrate which advertisement the description refers to, so please do not download these JPEGs for use:

PDF Files

WORD Documents (both 2010 and 2007 versions)


42 x 65 mm

42 x 65 mm


85 x 60 mm


 85 x 60 mm


85 x 130 mm

 85 x 130 mm


180 x 130 mm

 180 x 130 mm

Note: The image in the advertisements is a stock photograph “Multiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth Globe” purchased for SIGBI from Dreamstime. Clubs using the image in materials produced directly by SIGBI HQ, modified to include their own details, are permitted to use the image under the current licence. Materials designed and produced by Clubs, Regions, Countries, National Associations and Networks require their own licence and need to download and purchase images directly from from on-line stock photo companies e.g. Dreamstime and iStockphoto .

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