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Membership Month

May is Membership Month

For 2022, we featured a quote from a member every day of May which we posted on social media and encouraged Clubs to share. We have put a small selection of these graphics below, which you can share as they are – simply click on the graphic you want to use to open a full sized version and then right-click on the image and “Save Image As . . .”.

Or you can use the templates we have also provided to create your own.

Canva Templates to create your own graphics

To use one of the SIGBI templates on Canva, you need to first have a Canva account (free version is fine) and make sure you are already logged in. Click on the template link provided by SIGBI, for example this will take you to the relevant graphic. Here you can edit the graphic as usual, save it and downloaded it.

Two templates have been provided:

Members Login
Please enter your Surname and Membership Number in the boxes below. If you have any problems please contact Federation Office. Want to join? Click here to find out how.