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Obituaries will be added to this page once a month on the last Friday of the month. They will remain on the page for three months, and will then be removed.

To submit an obituary, send a picture (if desired) which has been cropped to 150 x 150 (thumbnail size) and a maximum of 150 words to

Carys Brown – SI Bridgend and District

Our dear friend and dedicated Soroptimist Carys Brown died on 5th August 2021 following a recent diagnosis of MND. Carys served as Club President 2005-6, Regional President 2010-11, as well as Regional Treasurer and Regional Trustee for the Benevolent Fund.

She had a great passion for Programme Action, serving as Club Programme Action Officer for many years. She was an avid fundraiser including for Purple Teardrop Fund and Empowering Girls in Nepal; a massive advocate for Women’s Aid and champion for women’s rights; and, ever keen to support the environment, she arranged for us to plant trees locally for the SI centenary.

Adventurous – doing a mile long zip wire when she was 79 – and always full of fun, she was one of the first women head teachers in South Wales and an advocate of science in primary education. Carys, we’ll miss your can-do attitude, your friendship and your smile.

Kathleen Hanson – SI Pendleside

Kathleen died aged 87 on the 04th August 2021. She was a committed and dedicated Soroptimist for 46 years. Kathleen served as President of Clitheroe Club, Regional Treasurer and Regional President in 1983/84. In 2009 Pendleside awarded her honorary membership. She was admired for her plain speaking and integrity. Her wealth of knowledge was an asset to the club. Kathleen was generous, kind and will be sorely missed.

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